What Can GSM Barcoding Provide for You?

Management is an essential part of efficient business operations. Regardless of your company’s focus, managers want to maintain a high level of awareness regarding their assets or products.

At GSM Barcoding, we supply a broad range of practical solutions that can span a product’s or asset’s entire life cycle within your business. GSM has everything you could need, from bespoke labels for identification, tracking and monitoring systems for order fulfilment, and ID tags for the staff involved.

Asset and Inventory Management Solutions

Previous paper-based management methods have become obsolete in recent years; they have been replaced by far more efficient digital software that can be easily accessed and organised.

Our digital systems enable authorised personnel to input, organise and amend vast amounts of data accurately, quickly, and remotely. Paper-based solutions always had the potential to be flawed, with data inaccurately entered or lost. Additionally, these systems were always localised to a single location. Here are some examples of the solutions we provide.

Warehouse Stock Management

As eCommerce grows as the most popular commercial business, many companies will be relying on efficiently stored storage spaces to hold their products. With additional online sales, the logistical challenges also increase as companies need to ensure their product fulfilment is not disrupted.

We stock G-SMart Stock software as the premium choice for stock management. This software can track the progress of all your labelled products from their arrival to departure. With effective integrations with other products and modular mobile features available, you can create a fully digital inventory management system that is clear and efficient.

Asset Management

Effective asset management is just as important as inventory management for maintaining efficient operations. Some businesses will have less inventory and products but rely heavily on their internal assets, such as vital equipment or machinery.

For example, schools will employ asset tracking systems to monitor the tools the students need to learn, such as computers and science equipment. Industrial facilities will also invest in asset tracking systems to monitor their heavy machinery for preventative maintenance, and this will prevent costly unexpected shutdowns.

At GSM Barcoding, we supply a combination of solutions to assist with asset tracking, including labels, software and hardware solutions.

These custom asset tags and labels are used to identify your assets. They can be bespoke designed and highly durable to withstand extreme environments without damage. In addition, for security applications such as theft prevention, we supply tamper-evident labels that reveal someone’s attempt to remove it.

The G-Smart asset management software developed in-house by our software team is designed to replace or fit seamlessly with any existing asset tracking system. In addition, this program can be implemented into mobile or static computers to be accessed at any location through cloud-based or local computer servers.

Mobile Hardware Solutions

Static management systems inevitably cause problems when it comes to data integrity. For example, static inventory systems require staff to return to the nearest data terminal to input or retrieve data. This reduces productivity and creates the possibility that data will be added incorrectly. Mobile solutions remove these issues and significantly increase your staff’s efficiency.

At GSM Barcoding, we supply a complete range of assistive hardware, such as:

With these devices, you can carry your entire company’s database on your hip with portable barcode scanners and wearable mobile computers capable of scanning various label designs, including barcodes and RFID.

These can be remotely connected to wireless printers that will provide you, users, with detailed barcode labels without having to leave their positions, perfect for updating product price labels. We also provide a range of industrial tablets for when you need a larger screen to work with.

We recently invested in a new Evolis ID Printers for our printer range. These popular units produce high-quality ID cards and badges and are perfect for secure applications such as education, healthcare, retail and government ID cards.

Label Design and Printing

Labels are the key to many businesses; without the vital role labels have, many businesses would struggle to maintain accurate operations with any level of productivity. Labels are not limited to monochrome barcodes. For example, suppose the application is customer-facing. In that case, there will be aesthetic considerations to consider, industrial applications will need significantly increased durability to withstand environments, and RFID tags are effective for tracking assets.

GSM Barcoding has been supplying businesses with bespoke, durable and detailed labels for decades. The choices available for label design are seemingly endless, each business has its requirements unlike any other, and its labels need to reflect that uniqueness. This can be achieved through a standing replenishment order of specialist labels from our in-house printers. Alternatively, we can help you get started with your own local label printing service to meet your changing everyday needs.

GSM Barcoding provides totally integrated barcoding solutions, label designs and superior stock and asset monitoring. If your business needs to implement a new barcode system, please contact us, and we can get you started.

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