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      Effortlessly secure, monitor, and manage both company and employee-owned devices with SureMDM™ (Mobile Device Management) software.  Mitigate security risks and tackle maintenance challenges at every stage of the device life cycle with state-of-the-art remote control mobile device management.

      SureMDM™  Explained

      SureMDM™ remote control refers to the centralised management of devices used within an organisation. This includes mobile barcode scanner devices, mobile computers, and smartphones. SureMDM™ enables IT administrators to control an organisation’s mobile devices’ software, hardware, security, and other aspects.

      With SureMDM you enhance security, compliance, and workforce productivity, specifically for organisations that use a mobile device and mobile computers. With this, SureMDM™ allows for remote control and greater management of these devices, ensuring they are used for their intended purpose securely and efficiently. With SureMDM™, businesses streamline their device management processes, saving time, lowering maintenance costs, and improving stakeholder confidence.


      At GSM Barcoding, we understand mobile device management and how crucial it is to select the right software deployment method when setting up 42gears’ SureMDM.  Choosing between cloud-hosted and on-premises deployment methods significantly influence how you’ll operate and maintain the solution later on.



      Opting for a SaaS deployment means that 42 Gears will host your company’s data on servers provided by top cloud infrastructure service providers. This is ideal for businesses looking to set up a remote control device management solution swiftly.


      • You can save time and money by relying on existing infrastructure. Additionally, all maintenance activities are managed by us, freeing you of behind-the-scenes logistics worries.
      • You can scale up seamlessly as needed because the server will always have space available to support additional devices.


      • You can trust us to keep your data safe. However, rest assured, we have various safeguards in place to ensure your data’s safety, which you can verify by checking our security compliance certificates.


      If you prefer on-premises deployment, GSM Barcoding  you can license SureMDM™ for use on your own servers. In this instance, you will be fully responsible for safeguarding and maintaining the solution infrastructure.


      • You won’t have to store your business’s data externally.


      • You’ll need to build and configure your on-site infrastructure, which will take time and effort. You’ll also need to train your IT personnel on all associated tasks, including maintenance and updates.

      42gears’ SureMDM™ Supporting Efficient Workplaces

      In today’s dynamic work environment, organisations rely heavily on mobile devices to replace traditional desktops. This shift enables greater workforce mobility and flexibility, supported by asset tracking systems and cloud infrastructure that allows employees to access resources anytime, anywhere.

      However, this increased mobility comes with heightened cybersecurity risks and complex device management challenges. To address these challenges head-on, organisations must adopt robust mobility management solutions.

      By implementing SureMDM™, organisations empower their workforce with mobile equipment to create a more adaptable, mobile, and efficient work environment. These solutions enable seamless management of mobile devices, ensuring security, compliance, and streamlined workflows for a productive workforce. Embracing device management solutions is crucial to achieving organisational objectives and maximising the benefits of mobile technology.

      How SureMDM Extends Device Lifecycle

      Without SureMDM™, there is a higher risk of lost or stolen devices, which can result in a significant financial loss for the organisation. Additionally, data stored on these lost or stolen devices can be accessed by unauthorised individuals, presenting numerous security risks that can damage our

      Logging New Devices

      SureMDM™  allows us to easily log new devices into our system and manage them from a centralised location. This eliminates the need for lengthy onboarding processes for each new device and ensures that all devices are accounted for. Without it, keeping track of devices and ensuring they are properly integrated into our network can be challenging.

      Device Security

      Physical and digital security features are included in SureMDM™, protecting our devices and their sensitive information. We implement encryption, passcodes, and geolocation tracking to ensure our devices cannot be compromised. Without the SureMDM™ robust security features, devices risk physical theft or data compromise.

      Deploying Devices

      SureMDM™ makes the process efficient and streamlined when we need to deploy new devices. We can remotely control and provision devices with necessary apps and update them when needed. Without this MDM, the deployment process can be time-consuming and may not optimise device performance, leading to decreased productivity.

      Wireless Management

      42gears’ SureMDM™  enables us to easily manage Wi-Fi connections for all devices, ensuring they are connected to the correct networks and have access to the resources they need. Without MDM, device owners may configure Wi-Fi settings that do not align with company policies, leading to connectivity issues and security vulnerabilities.

      Retiring Unneeded Devices

      You can quickly retire devices that are no longer needed, allowing us to recoup costs and ensure that data is securely removed from these devices. Without SureMDM™, devices may be lost or disposed of without proper security procedures, leading to a potential loss of sensitive data.

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      Benefits of Investing in SureMDM

      At GSM Barcoding, we understand the importance of implementing a reliable Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. By choosing our solution, your organisation will enjoy a wide range of unique benefits:

      • Save Time: With an SureMDM™ system, we enable you to simultaneously set up apps and content on multiple devices from a central console. You can also push updates to all your devices without manual intervention.
      • Lower Maintenance Costs: Our SureMDM™ solution reduces the need for in-person repairs by offering remote troubleshooting capabilities. This remote support significantly reduces maintenance costs and ensures prompt issue resolution.
      • Improve Stakeholder Confidence: You can elevate your network’s security and streamline management processes. This instils stakeholder confidence in your organisation’s ability to protect sensitive data effectively.
      • Establish Clear Boundaries: Manage employee-owned devices with clarity and respect for personal boundaries. With our SureMDM™ solution, you can define and enforce specific policies to safeguard sensitive data while maintaining employee privacy.
      • Prevent Device Loss: The constant inventory of SureMDM™ tracking lets you keep tabs on all your devices to prevent loss or theft. In case of misplaced devices, the location-tracking feature helps you quickly locate and secure them.
      • Boost Productivity: Our SureMDM™ system enables you to block access to games and entertainment on devices, ensuring that employees remain focused on their work, ultimately enhancing productivity.

      SureMDM for Warehouses and Transportation

      42Gears’ SureMDM™ Mobile device management software streamlines inventory management in warehouses by providing real-time updates and data visibility. With this system, warehouse managers can track and locate mobile devices used by staff, improving communication and task allocation. By remotely managing and updating devices with this system, you’ll eliminate the need for manual device configuration, saving time and reducing human error.

      Transportation organisations rely heavily on mobile devices for communication, route planning, and cargo tracking. SureMDM™ ensures that these devices are secure and optimally configured for use and fleet managers

      SureMDM for Field Service Organisations

      42gears’ SureMDM™ enable efficient management and monitoring of mobile devices used by on-site repair technicians and other small businesses. It enables remote device configuration, updates, and troubleshooting, saving time and improving productivity. SureMDM™ also enhances security by enforcing policies like data encryption and remote device control such as locking or wiping in case of loss or theft.

      By implementing SureMDM™, field service companies ensure seamless communication, streamlined workflows, and enhanced security for their technicians in the field. This ultimately leads to improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

      SureMDM for Health Care Providers

      Systems like SureMDM™ offer substantial benefits to healthcare providers that use mobile equipment. It ensures secure management of the devices used by healthcare professionals, safeguarding sensitive patient data, and maintaining regulatory compliance.

      Healthcare providers can enforce security policies, such as data encryption and remote device wiping, to protect patient confidentiality. Furthermore, 42Gears’ SureMDM™ streamlines workflows by enabling the effective management and configuration of mobile devices, ensuring that healthcare professionals have access to the necessary tools and information at all times. By choosing SureMDM™, healthcare providers can enhance productivity, improve patient care, and maintain high data security.

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