Improve patient care with barcoding solutions

Automate management systems, track patient progress and improve the efficiency and safety of healthcare provision with solutions from GSM Barcoding 

Health care providers and hospital administrators are under constant pressure to meet targets whilst managing an ever shrinking budget.  Auto-ID solutions drive efficiency and accuracy in health care by providing real-time visibility over hospital management from patient care to asset management and supply chain control.  With a broad range of applications, barcoding technologies improve the processes and communications of medical administration, specimen collection, patient I.D and pharmacy management.  Your hospital or clinic can gain real-time visibility, record data accurately, access information and enable mobile communication that results in improved patient care.

Our team works with hospitals and health-care providers to provide integrated Auto-ID solutions.  We can help you design and develop a barcoding solution incorporating mobile computers, wristband printers, Wireless LAN and relational database software that delivers cost savings and increased patient safety.