Sunmi Smart Kiosk in retailers shop

Self-Service Smart Kiosks

Smart Kiosks provide an Ideal opportunity for restaurants, retail, hotels and other sectors where self-service potential exists, empowering customer contact with improvements in speed and service.  Smart Kiosks enable acceleration in customer processing with advanced technical features including, facial recognition technology, EPOS transactions enablement, customer service enquiry processing and checking-in processing.  The Smart Kiosks utilise modular technological features including card dispensers, scanners, receipt printers, facial recognition cameras and a range of touchscreen sizes for everyone’s needs.

So, whether you are a retailer, hotel or leisure centre we have the right team to help you source the right technology for your business operational needs.  Speak to one of our technical advisors and see how you can save time and deliver excellent customer service with the smart kiosks from GSM Barcoding.