Every so often we are asked questions by businesses and the wider community about barcoding and technology.  We have put together a list of some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) to help with your queries and projects. Technology is subject to continual change and evolution, so the information we have provided is for reference only. If your are considering a barcoding project or would like more information please contact us for expert advice.

General Barcoding

How does a barcode work?
What information is held on a barcode?
How many characters are held on a barcode?
What are the different types of barcodes?
How do I know which barcode to use?
Do I need a barcode
Why use a 2D barcode?
How do I get a barcode?
Can I create my own barcodes?

Barcode Printing

Can I print my own barcodes?
What is the difference between direct thermal and thermal transfer barcode printers?
What should I consider when buying a printer?
What is the best printer for barcode printing?
What does DPI mean?
Should I use a mobile printer or fixed location printers?
How do I integrate my barcode printer to my network?

Barcode Scanning

How does a barcode scanner work?
Do I need any special software?
What is the difference between a laser scanner and image scanner?
What is the difference between a 1D scanner and 2D scanner?
What is the difference between a CCD linear imager and a 2D Imager?
What is the range of a handheld scanner?
How does a cordless barcode scanner work?
Which is better a wired or wireless scanner?
Will my scanner work with my tablet or laptop?
Can I use my smartphone for barcode scanning?
What are the advantages of a companion scanner over a wireless scanner?
Can I scan a barcode off the screen?
Is a barcode scanner laser dangerous?

Mobile Computers

What is the difference between a barcode scanner and mobile computer?
What are the different types of mobile computer?
Does the mobile computer come with software?
How is Windows embedded different from Windows 10?
Do the mobile computers run Android?
Windows Embedded vs Android – which one should I choose?
Can we use Apple OS devices for business use?
How do I manage updates and security for multiple mobile computers?