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      Asset Tracking software

      Multi-location fixed asset management & maintenance made simple with G-Smart

      Barcode, track, and manage your fixed & loaned assets from anywhere with the web-based G-Smart fixed asset management system. Suitable for schools, businesses, hospitals, facility service providers, and loan companies, G-Smart fixed asset tracking system will transform the way you track and monitor your fixed assets:

      • A centralised system for managing fixed assets
      • Cloud-hosted or local onsite server install
      • Simple & Intuitive management platform
      • Advanced features for maintenance & loaned items
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      #1 Asset Management & Maintenance Software

      G-SMart fixed asset management software is developed in-house by our developer team, so you can have complete confidence that we will respond effectively to your barcoding needs and support requirements. Developed to the latest technology standards, G-SMart fixed asset tracking system fits seamlessly with any asset tracking need including schools, IT providers, maintenance, and facility service providers.

      Over 40 years experience, speak to us for advice on fixed asset tracking, maintenance and management solutions.

      Fixed Asset Management & Tracking System


      How much capital do you have tied up in fixed assets? Where are your assets? Who was the last to check out an asset? Answer these questions and more – instantly, with the G-Smart fixed asset tracking system from GSM Barcoding.

      Tracking your assets efficiently and accurately is essential in order to maintain an asset register for financial accounting. You need to know the value of your assets and be able to audit what assets you have and where. How does your organisation do that? well, some organisations may use manual methods such as pen and paper or even enter the detail into a spreadsheet, but this is static, disorganised, and often inaccurate.

      Why Do You Need an Asset Maintenance Management System?

      The G-Smart fixed asset management & maintenance software allows you to barcode your assets and track them in a central database that can be hosted on your premises or in the cloud – completely accessible remotely on mobile devices via a web browser. The database permits tracking assets over multiple locations all individually barcoded.

      • Track fixed assets for auditing
      • Wireless barcode tracking system
      • Wireless tracking anywhere on any device
      • Boost your security and efficiency

      G-Smart Assets helps to keep your Asset register accurate by providing visibility and customizable reports on asset history, details of missing assets, asset locations, and much more to suit your company’s needs.


      man reading asset software on tabletstaff checking fixed assetsasset tracking software on tablet


      Fixed asset management software for loaned items

      Ideal fixed asset tracking systems for organisations such as schools, facility companies, and tool hire businesses.

      The G-Smart fixed asset tracking system has features specifically for tracking loaned assets.  The G-Smart fixed asset management software uses barcode asset tags and a central web-based database system to record and track your asset’s locations, item details, transaction history and maintenance history. Ideal for tracking tools or IT equipment, within a simple and clear user interface that can be accessed on any device.  The loaned items module includes many features including:

      • Return date notifications
      • Check-in/check-out loaned items – in real-time
      • Real-time alert icons – overdue & returns
      • Asset location tracking

      G-SMart Assets improves your loaned asset utilisation whilst reducing asset losses across your business by tracking and managing loaned assets across multiple locations, barcoding, scanning, and managing assets on the move using any connected device.


      Planned preventative asset maintenance management feature

      Track, organise and coordinate your assets across your maintenance and field teams with G-SMart asset management software.

      Do your assets require maintenance? The smarter and more efficiently your company manages its assets, the greater the prospect of maximising value from these investments.  The G-Smart Assets software has a module that facilitates planned maintenance programmes, ideal for utility, facility and manufacturing companies who want a consistent and organised approach to maintaining their assets:

      • Asset checklists for maintenance operatives
      • Improved operational efficiency
      • Add notes, images and files to the asset log.
      • Safe asset recording & testing

      Preventative maintenance ensures your assets are in safe working condition as well as helping to reduce breakdowns, maximise uptime thus increasing productivity and profitability.  If you would like to know more speak to one of our advisors today for a free consultancy.



      Oxkem Install G-SMart Stock Software

      “Along with easy to use multi-location stock control G-SMart Stock has given us excellent batch traceability of materials across our production and supply processes. The system has easily fitted in with our internal processes benefiting all departments.”

      Alison Greenfield – Sales & Logistics Manager

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