Benefits of SureMDM for Locating Devices

SureMDM InLocate revolutionizes indoor location tracking, simplifying asset management and addressing the common issue of locating lost rugged mobile devices within facilities. This innovative feature enables businesses to reclaim lost productivity, revenue, and security.

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Highlights of SureMDM InLocate

Instant Location Tracking: Accurately pinpoints the location of any device on a detailed map, ensuring swift recovery.

No Extra Hardware Required: Eliminates the need for expensive beacons and complex installations by leveraging existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, saving on additional hardware investments.

Remote Buzz: Allows users to trigger an audible alarm on a lost device, facilitating quick and efficient location retrieval.

Geofences: Lets IT teams set virtual boundaries to restrict device movement and enforce security policies, ensuring sensitive assets remain in designated areas.

Real-time Insights: Offers valuable data on device usage, movement patterns, and potential security risks, aiding in operational optimization and informed decision-making.

“Lost devices are a productivity killer, costing businesses millions in wasted time and resources. Our new indoor location tracking solution puts an end to the search and rescue, locating lost devices with pinpoint accuracy within any building,” said Onkar Singh, CEO and co-founder of 42Gears. “In today’s mobile-first world, businesses need every edge they can get. Our indoor location tracking solution gives mobile device management a whole new dimension, empowering companies to optimize workflows, improve security, and deliver exceptional employee experiences,” added Singh.

Benefits of SureMDM InLocate for Businesses

Increased Productivity: Real-time visibility into device locations ensures seamless workforce operations, enhancing overall efficiency and output.

Reduced Costs: By eliminating the need for additional hardware for asset tracking, SureMDM InLocate saves time and money, improving the bottom line and streamlining operations.

Enhanced Security: Robust security features ensure that devices are not only tracked but also protected against potential threats, safeguarding business-critical information and ensuring compliance with relevant laws.

Peace of Mind: Easy location of lost devices within premises provides businesses with confidence in their asset management and security.

SureMDM InLocate is designed for a variety of industries, including warehouses, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, construction sites, and any business using rugged or other mobile devices indoors.

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