The Benefits of Wireless Printers

Discovering new ways of optimising the workplace is a constant goal for every business manager. Fortunately, as technology advances, more ways of achieving this become available.

Mobility is vital in most workplaces, allowing people to seamlessly work effectively in various locations or across large sites. This desire to remove the need to carry clipboards and return to wired computers led to the popularity of wireless barcode scanners and printers.

Wireless vs Wired Printers

Wired printers were an essential part of the workplace for many years, but now they have been surpassed by wireless and mobile printers. The limitations of wired printers are immediately apparent as they require staff to travel back and forth when using them; this can be particularly detrimental to your productivity if you operate a large workspace with an extensive team.

Mobile wireless printers can be carried by staff wherever they need to go and are particularly effective when paired as a barcode printer and scanner. This combination has had an outstandingly positive effect on several sectors, such as retail, as it allows each team member to carry everything they need with them without the need to travel back and forth.

Why Are Wireless Printers Important?

Mobile options have evolved considerably over recent years, becoming an essential technology in many workplaces. By introducing mobile alternatives into previous working practises, businesses can achieve many improvements in efficiency and productivity. For example, portable scanners and computers have become commonplace due to mobile wireless printers.

Mobile label printers, such as the Zebra printers we stock at GSM Barcoding, are a positive on-the-go solution that enables users to print labels while on the move or print documents at a larger remote printer elsewhere.

Many applications benefit from upgrading to wireless printers, covering several sectors such as retail, grocery, and online order fulfilments. They are successfully used for receiving, cross-docking and transfers, picking, packaging and shipping.

Increased Productivity

Empowering your employees with the freedom to complete their tasks from any location cannot be understated to improve productivity. Investing in mobile barcode scanners or computers alongside a portable printer will save an immense amount of time as none of your team has to wait in line for the printer or travel back and forth to retrieve their labels.

The company behind our stock of Zebra printers conducted a time-motion study of receiving operations within a warehouse. The volunteer worker had only to take nine steps to travel from the pallet to a labelling workstation. Unfortunately, the results were a staggering 42% slower than when using a belt-worn mobile printer. 49.74 seconds compared to 28.11 may not seem like much, but this deficiency will accumulate over time, leading to a significant loss of time.

Increased Accuracy

Maintaining a high level of accuracy throughout your work is essential in warehouses and distribution centres. These mobile solutions will allow each team member to be self-sufficient when working and keep adhering to your high standards of accuracy.

For the quality assurance of your warehouse operations, inspectors can embrace the benefits of wireless printers to create easily readable labels for any test products pulled from incoming shipments or apply a tracking label tag to one from their inventory. This can be especially important for any environment with perishable items that require detailed checks, such as samples with laboratory labels.

Quality assurance workers use mobile wireless printers to quickly assign the appropriate labels to these samples, eliminate the possibility of misidentified items, and improve the overall quality control process.

Simplify Stock Rotation

Stock rotation is a vital part of the efficiency of retail stores, but it’s critical for grocery stores as an element of their food safety practices. It’s a common practice to make sure that as much of your perishable products are sold as possible to limit wasted food and expense. Re-labelling goods that are reaching their perishable date or dented goods is a common strategy for this goal.

An employee with a hand-held computer scanner and a mobile printer can quickly check these items to find any that fit these criteria and re-label them accordingly.

Wireless Printers From GSM Barcoding

Marking and labelling your stock is critical in running a smooth operation, and we believe mobile computers can assist with that. Mobile printers are typically worn on the hip, around a belt or mounted on a cart. This easy access will not only reduce your work times but also improve the accuracy of that work.

At GSM Barcoding, we supply a broad range of wireless and mobile printers that suit various working environments, from warehouse storage to production or retail. In addition, we work with the leading brands in the industry to ensure our customers receive the most efficient and reliable printing technology available.

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