Introducing Evolis ID Printers

Innovative and stylish are some of the words that are used to describe the Evolis ID solutions.  From their production site, Angers, France, Evolis has been manufacturing ID printers for over 20 years.  Their ID card and ID badge printers are highly regarded across many industries including Government, corporations, healthcare, retail, and transportation, to name a few.   The Evolis range is built with quality and reliability in-house by its dedicated trained staff and shows in the quality of the products and service offered.   A couple of the products that are popular include:

  • Evolis Zenius card printer – A compact and agile card printer that is user friendly, compact, and cost-effective solution for in-house printing needs.  Producing a professional print with its 300 DPI resolution, this space-saving printer with a minimal footprint, ease of use automatic feed and PC control functions means it can work anywhere.  This printer is ideal for printing cards individually or in small runs.
  • Evolis Avansia card printer – For more advanced applications, the Avansia is a premium retransfer printer for high-definition cards.  Designed for rigorous use, Avansia is extremely robust and provides high-security card issuance such as student cards, national ID cards and driver’s licenses.   The Avansia provides flawless printing with unique retransfer technology, 600DPI high resolution, and high-capacity feed and print at 140 cards per hour.
Avansia ID Card Printer

Evolis Consumables

To ensure the best print outcome there are consumables exclusively designed to work with the Evolis card printers. Tested and validated by the Evolis R&D and quality departments, the Evolis High Trust® consumables bring you printing quality and reliability, maximising the lifespan of the print head.  The Evolis consumables have several notable products:

  • Paper cards – Eco-friendly, attractive, and reliable, Evolis High Trust® paper cards are the ideal alternative to PVC for businesses wishing to reduce their plastic consumption without compromising quality.
  • Rewritable PVC Cards – These cards, thanks to specific material, are re-writable and do not require any ribbon.  The information can be erased to note down other printing elements on the same card. They are available with black or blue monochrome printing.

Evolis have many innovative products and solutions. For special projects, the Evolis engineering team can provide customisation services for projects such as government ID schemes or large rollouts of onsite card printing.

Environmental Considerations

Evolis has taken a strong stance on sustainability, restricting the use of hazardous substances in the manufacture of its products, in compliance with the European RoHS directive. For the latest generation of card printers, their engineers have developed an ultra-efficient sleep mode that uses nearly 6 times less energy over the lifetime of the printer.  Purchasing an Evolis printer buyers can be assured they are buying from a business that is striving towards more sustainable printing.   

Evolis at GSM Barcoding

GSM Barcoding are excited to be able to offer the Evolis card printers to our customers.  With the combination of Evolis manufacturing skills and value-added expertise, we can be sure that you get the right printer for your needs.  For your card and id badge projects, join the many corporates, governmental agencies, educational organizations, and local authorities that already trust the GSM Barcoding solutions for their plastic card projects.

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