When is it Time to Upgrade to an Industrial Printer?

Every printer is different and ideal for different applications regardless of your industry and business. A desktop printer, for example, won’t provide all of the printing needs that you require. While these are perfect for when space is an issue, higher volume printing won’t be possible.

Industrial printers, however, are manufactured with even the most demanding of environments in mind. Zebra printers assure you a higher speed and volume of printing, which enables business-critical printing with improved reliability and quality.

So, when is it time to upgrade to an industrial printer?

Zebra ZT220 Mid Range Barcode Label Printers

The Type of Business You Have

Printers should ideally be stationed in areas in which temperatures are controlled and the surrounding environment allows for any hardware to withstand its conditions. If you own a warehouse or a manufacturing facility, you may need to print within the premises where there are both a rough environment and temperature fluctuations that only an industrial printer can withstand.

How Much Volume You’re Printing

If you need high volumes of barcode label printing to keep track of your items in your warehouse, then you will need a printer that is designed specifically to cope with this demand. Having consistent and constant printing on your low-volume printer will lead to issues down the line, such as higher media costs and increased risk of breaking down. Industrial Zebra printers are the perfect choice for dependable printing at high volume.

Quality Requirements

Certain labels need to be printed with a high-quality so that they don’t fade. In addition, printing on long-lasting and waterproof media often requires specialised printers. Legibility is also a vital component with labels, allowing them to properly be read in by people and by barcode scanners and reader. Certain labels have small print that requires higher resolution industrial printers.

The Priority of the Printing

When your printing needs are business critical to ensure the well-functioning of your business and its workflow processes, having a printer that is unreliable isn’t practical. Should you need to print barcode labels for your business so that you can identify products during every step of the supply chain, a Zebra industrial printer is an ideal choice.

Built to withstand the toughest of environments and temperatures, industrial printers have advanced technology that allows them to endure much more wear and tear than regular-grade printers. Upgrading your regular-grade printers to an industrial printer benefits your business performance and profit, as you are able to print much higher volumes at a much quicker throughput.

In addition, modern and technologically advanced industrial printers allow for Wi-Fi connectivity and RFID printing alongside a wide range of applications that allow for ease of use. Irrespective of the industry, Zebra industrial printers permit simple monitoring and management from any location. Maintenance and budget-sensitive applications are also taken into account with these printers, providing a high-quality solution for any printing need.

Should you require a high-quality industrial printer for your business, here at GSM Barcoding our expert team will help you find the barcoding systems for your requirements. Simply get in touch with us to know more about our printers.

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