How to Save School Budgets with Asset Tracking Solutions

All schools have the responsibility to manage their assets appropriately, however, this can be a difficult, daunting, and costly responsibility. Schools can struggle to maintain and ensure their resources are being used to the best of their required service to students. How can schools save budgets? Asset tracking systems provide the help needed for this responsibility, and at GSM Barcoding, we can help to provide this service.


What is Asset Tracking?

Asset Tracking Solutions are an asset management software which is designed to allow you to control assets within your business. The benefit of this software is that it allows businesses to have instant access to the complete movement history of an asset. This leads to businesses no longer losing assets or purchasing costly replacements.

Impact on Saving School’s Budget

The design of this type of solution will impact the educational industry dramatically, as schools can stretch their budget further. If schools’ budgets shortfall, this could result in a cut into the educational opportunities for students, which makes the issue important to resolve. Schools often have to find creative ways to stretch what budget they have, which covers the majority of costs, from professional development to creating comprehensive curriculums.

With Smart Solutions for education, this can impact greatly by enabling ID solutions, with items such as ID card printers, to help educators track students, to assign loans, and access rights, which will lead to enabling a truly smart education system.

How Educational Sectors Will Benefit

All education establishments need to account for students and equipment, whilst meeting the accountancy requirements. Investing in barcoding systems for education enables school administrators to track and manage valuable assets, this is highly beneficial as it prevents losses and it also improves accountability.

The Different Modules of Asset Tracking

There are numerous different modules that asset management brings for solutions, all of which can be found in the education section on our website. There are three modules asset tracking brings:

  • Asset Tracking – This helps put educational administrators and teachers back in control of loaned and borrowed equipment. The asset management solutions allow you to build an asset register, which identifies the assets and where to find them. With handheld barcode scanners, the educational industry can track and trace assets quickly and accurately.
  • ID Card Printing – Educational sectors can benefit from ID cards as they create a safe learning environment, with the combination of identification, access control, and transactions placed onto one card.
  • Wireless Technology – This enables connectivity between education administrators and teachers, connecting staff to critical data such as attendance registers, schedules, and emails. This increases security and productivity, and providing wireless communications to students can lead to a richer learning experience.

asset tracking
Education is a vital industry worldwide and, at GSM Barcoding, we have worked with educators for over 40 years, providing Auto-ID and barcoding solutions. We can help you design and develop complete barcode systems, which include asset tracking solutions and wireless networking integrated into school’s IT systems.

If you would like to find out more information about our services and the industries we work with, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today.

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