Common Warehousing Problems and How to Solve Them

For many businesses, the warehouse sits at the centre of operations. This is where products enter and exit so, if there is a problem here, it can have a huge impact on the rest of the business and the way things operate. While these problems can seem like huge barriers to the success of your company, they can actually have simple solutions and, in some cases, one solution can solve a number of problems at the same time.


Lack of Communication

Lack of communication can be a serious issue in any business. In a warehouse, a lack of communication can lead to disjointed operations, causing mistakes and inefficient processes. In real terms, this could mean that stock is misplaced or delayed, ultimately leading to a poor experience for your clients.

Time-Consuming Processes

Efficiency is often an important factor for business owners who want to deliver better results whilst cutting down on the time and resources required for fulfilment. However, the reality is that tasks often take longer than they are expected to, costing you time and money. Each process that takes longer than it should, has a knock-on effect, creating an ever-growing deficit in time and resources. Introducing mobile business solutions can provide efficiency from various locations within your business.

Lack of Necessary Data

In order for any business to improve and develop, it is essential to have relevant data that helps you to understand how every area of business is working. Without this data, it is incredibly difficult to get an accurate and full picture of where you are succeeding and where you need to improve. In terms of warehousing, this data could help you to get a better idea of which items of your stock are more likely to sell and when, helping you to prepare for demand.

Dissatisfied Customers

Every business relies on its customers in order to achieve success. If the customers are not happy, this signals bad news for the company. Unfortunately, the above problems, as well as a number of others, can lead to particularly dissatisfied customers. For example, a lack of communication within a warehouse can lead to stock being misplaced or delayed, something which can be incredibly frustrating for customers who are awaiting the delivery of the item. Without happy customers, a business will find it impossible to grow and develop.

How Can You Solve These Problems?

These issues are all symptoms of a fragmented warehouse, so it is important to bring operations back together, streamlining processes and creating a proper stream of communication.

This can be achieved through the implementation of barcoding systems, such as those provided by GSM Barcoding. Our warehouse management systems can help to improve communication, streamline processes, provide essential data and, ultimately, give your customers a better experience. Through the use of warehouse stock control and G-SMart Stock, you can transform the way your warehouse operates and solve many of your warehousing problems.

You can find out more about our warehousing solutions and how they can help your business when you get in touch with a member of our team. You can call us on 01833 637 647 (northern office) or 01582 869 000 (southern office) and we will be happy to help.

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