Technologies That Can Help Create a Smart Warehouse: Tablet Computers

Smart warehouses are growing in number around the world, and mobile technology is helping to transform all operations. With new supply chain procedures focusing on the customer, it has become even more important to have an omnichannel that provides both a uniform and a high-quality service.

Knowing the exact location of any product at any time allows for a streamlined process from the first step of the supply chain to the last. With mobile devices such as tablet computers, workers are free to move around and access information anywhere without being confined to their workstations.

These solutions from Zebra, with whom we’re partners with, aim to enable smart warehousing. A well-connected warehouse through Zebra’s mobile computing provides the ability to create transformational gains.

Mobile Implementation

The execution of mobile implementation could prove to be a challenge, as it involves ensuring that warehouse control and management move away from traditional processes. Implementing technology of the Internet of Things will require a system that integrates multiple connectivity options, including device security and management.

The automation of the workflow ensures workforce efficiency, increased productivity and accurate data capture. The integration of mobile technology can provide a more efficient choice than traditional hand-held devices. Tablet computers are synced through your wireless network, providing a secure solution when integrated with your private network. Productivity is increased through enhanced management tools and communication, as supply chain workers can utilise tablets to both monitor and measure warehouse operations.

Safety and Efficiency

Updates and alerts about the warehouse operations are easily received by managers, and workers can be geolocated for improved production efficiency. With enhanced support data capture and analytics, managers can ensure that productivity is boosted and that performance indicators are efficiently tracked.

Hands-free or one-hand operations provide the capability of a number of safe and efficient high-volume supply chain operations, as mobile devices aid in the reduction of touch points. This represents a decrease in the number of steps needed to complete a task. Working smarter and not harder is key, as location-aware apps will be able to allow for product location in a quick and efficient way.

Technology helps to reduce errors in daily tasks, allowing for better data-driven decisions to be made. As data is collected on work performed, movement, products, and other repetitive tasks, every element of the supply chain becomes streamlined. You will be able to save on both time and money, as the data will permit you to make small but significant changes to your workers’ everyday routines.

Mobile devices such as tablet computers will ensure that suppliers, customers, and retailers are increasingly connected in the future, creating a highly optimised supply chain that is more efficient and more responsive to today’s consumer-driven and connected society. The future of mobile implementation will facilitate positive changes in warehousing and other similar processes, as it provides expert data and tracking of both assets and workers.

Providing expert mobile solutions, here at GSM Barcoding we ensure that you have the latest barcoding systems for streamlined warehousing processes. Simply get in touch with us if you want to know how we can help you.

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