How Connectivity Can Streamline Your Operations

As technology advances and becomes more sophisticated, more and more of our devices are being connected online. It’s not just our phones and computers anymore: everything from lights, fridges and even mirrors have the potential to be connected to the internet. Whilst this may sound like some far-off futuristic utopia, the fact is that a lot of this technology is already here and being used every day.

Smart metres are one example of this, they have clever functions such as being able to turn heating on remotely, turn the temperature down on hot days and even turn off the heating when it detects no one is home. All the automation is more efficient, meaning less energy is wasted. This efficiency is contributing to why the government is actively encouraging energy companies to hand smart metres out to their customers.

But it’s not just in the home that connectivity is making lives easier; connecting devices together creates a perfect avenue for businesses to organise and track their operations more efficiently and effectively. Here we explore the ways connectivity can streamline your business operations.

The Internet of Things

Our increasingly connected world has been given a name: this phenomenon is known as ‘The Internet of Things’, broadly referring to all the connected devices and how they communicate with each other. It encompasses everything connected to the internet, from smartphones to smart dog collars.

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is about connecting devices over the internet, allowing them ‘talk’ to us, applications and each other. One device that is already starting to benefit from this technology is the humble refrigerator. A smart fridge could have the potential to use an internal camera to scan its contents and then, using connectivity, send a message to its owner to inform them they are low on milk.

On a much larger scale, IoT could be used to create smart cities. Possibilities include: people being able to use their phones to find car parking spaces, or smart bins sending a message to rubbish collectors when they are over flowing. As IoT becomes more prevalent in our modern world, businesses can take advantage of this technology to improve their services.

Connectivity in Your Operations

IoT is a useful tool in a variety of business ventures, particularly in manufacturing. IoT can revolutionise the way companies track and manage their inventory, using devices such as remote scanners to help workers keep track of inventory by item. With all this data manipulation happening in real time, the efficiency and productivity of a business will be improved and allow tasks to be completed faster and with greater precision, including data analysis and management.

If you want to improve the connectivity of your warehouse or factory, GSM has a range of solutions and services to suit your needs. Our range of stock control software will track and manage your inventory from the moment you receive your inventory to the time they leave your premises.

We have a number of stock control software solutions for small to medium businesses and bespoke solutions for larger operations. We have in-house skills to develop bespoke, stock control software solutions specific to your needs, if our off-the-shelf solution does not meet your business requirements.

Our stand-alone stock management system is designed for any sized company to utilise barcodes to ensure stock figure data is kept up-to-date. G-SMart Stock is extremely easy-to-use and facilitates wireless processing with mobile computers to collect data at the point of use. Reducing the opportunity for errors and speeding up the process from start to finish.

GSM solutions eliminates the need for spreadsheets or messy paper records. Our G-Smart Assets system is a web-based solution that lets you know where your assets are at any time with the tracking systems and allows you to control your assets in one central location.

You can go mobile with mobility management and solutions, ensuring your mobile workforce has the tools to stay connected, such as with the use of a mobile barcode app. GSM Barcoding Enterprise Mobility Management solutions implement wireless networks and Mobile Device Management (MDM) software to maximise your mobile business productivity.

Keep your systems connected and have your data interchanged in real time with solutions and services from GSM barcoding. You can make an enquiry online for a free consultation to discuss your needs.

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