What is an Efficient Warehouse?

At GSM Barcoding, we are a Zebra Technologies Solutions partner and we understand that warehouses are an important part of a business. We have been working with Zebra for many years, developing printing solutions based on the latest world-leading technologies.

When run efficiently, completing tasks can become simpler, and easier, but, what is an efficient warehouse? There are improvements within warehousing leading to further efficiency, and the figures relating to this portray the importance of efficiency for warehouses.

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The Power of Warehouses

Logistics is a big business which accounts for 8.2% of U.S. GDP and 15-20% of finished product cost. At the core of this multi-trillion-dollar sector is the warehouse, the vital factor which can have a major impact on the supply chain if minor missteps occur. In today’s generation, warehousing professionals are looking to new technologies to gain the visibility they need to improve efficiency, accuracy and customer service. How can this be achieved?

Within every warehousing organisation lies a committed workforce and, in the U.S. alone, there are 4.5 million warehouse employees. This number is expected to grow with 35% of companies planning to increase the number of warehouses, and a further 38% planning to expand the size of their warehouses. With this in place, warehouses will become an increasingly powerful factor for maintaining efficiency.

Optimized Stock Control

Efficiency is a key element for optimizing stock control within warehouses and this is portrayed through the receiving, stocking and returning of products. ASN verification and labelling in the receiving area ensures 100% of incoming materials are barcoded which, in turn, ensures items are ready for scanning and for other warehouse management automated processes.

Throughout the putting-away and receiving process, using mobile printers and handheld computers can improve the processing time by 62%, saving up to 30 minutes per day per worker. Wireless LAN enables real-time access to WMS, meaning the status of a return can be instantly updated and validated with immediate action for repair or issue of customer credit, thus improving the efficiency of the warehouse.

Optimizing stock control through storage and inventory management can lead to further success. Without an automated system, companies will find it difficult to know what they have in stock within their warehouse, and this can lead to negative efficiency as it leads up to excess inventory build-up or unexpected shortages. With barcode inventory systems and RFID technologies, it will reduce the time it takes to identify and track inventory.

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High Standard Outbound Shipping and Packing

Outbound tasks are an important aspect for warehouses and, with 50% of warehousing costs spent on order picking, it can be an expensive task. RFID labels, barcodes and voice-directed picking accelerate the picking time which, in turn, reduces expensive errors.

Space is a limitation in a typical warehouse and, in some cases, expansion is not an option. With real-time location system solutions, warehouses can save up to 40% of the staging area spaces, whilst also optimizing travel times.

With handheld computers, RFID labels and mobile printing an option for the final stages of order fulfilment, it ensures orders contain the right products which are shipped to the right customer at the right time, and with the right compliant label.

This increased visibility within the warehouse can have an effective benefit on businesses, which can then eliminate hundreds of labour hours every month, improve speed and accuracy and increase customer satisfaction through a quick processing service.

There are numerous different processes which result in an efficient warehouse and, with the improvement of each, you are likely to see positive effects on your business. With the warehouse manufacturing world aiming for improvement in 2020, the improvement of warehouses will result in an increase in efficiency.

At GSM Barcoding, we offer the best choice of technology available; take a look at Zebras report for how Warehousing will become smarter by 2020. For more information on our services, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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