How Does Your Business Manage its Offsite Assets?

Most, if not all, businesses will have technology and equipment which employees will take away from the office environment for work purposes. Whether this is a company mobile phone or a work laptop, it probably costs a significant amount of money and would be a financial burden if you ever needed to replace the item. Therefore, keeping a comprehensive list or registry of your equipment and their whereabouts and usage is crucial. The same goes for all equipment in a warehouse or factory, whether they’ve been taken off the premises or even just to a different area of the workspace to carry out a task.

Does your organisation know where their assets are at all times and, if not, how can you manage them competently and how will bumping up your asset tracking benefit your business?


Asset Tracking Equipment

When it comes to expensive equipment or products within the business you can never be too safe, especially when the equipment is regularly, or even occasionally, taken off-site.

To make sure you are aware of the location and status of the equipment, a great solution is through barcoding the items.

By utilising barcode stickers and barcode scanners you can scan the label and complete a short issue process which assigns the asset to a certain employee. This barcode scan can include all the data necessary, including a signature.

This doesn’t just improve security levels but also decreases the risk of any loss. If you ever lose the direct location of a specific asset you will be able to log into the system easily and check the allocation of the item.

In many situations, businesses of any size use asset tracking solutions due to the frequency in which assets are taken by either contractors or even employees.

Here are some of the benefits of implementing asset tracking systems.

Number of Lost Assets

By implementing asset tracking within your organisation, you can significantly reduce the chance of losing any assets, as you will be able to keep track of their location. The software can keep a full log on any employee who may have been issued an asset last and at what location. It allows you to easily keep track of any movement and provides full traceability to help decrease any unexpected losses.

Infinite Level of Detail

One of the great benefits of asset tracking systems is that you can store a high level of detail within the system, from purchase date to cost, serial number, the current owner, signature and manufacture; the asset is easily identifiable via any of these details.

When carrying out audits, completing a routine asset tracking exercise, or even a full physical asset audit, the tasks are made much easier.

Images can also be attached to asset records to show the condition they were in when left and returned.


Instant Access and Bespoke Integration

With the type of smart assets such as G-SMart Assets there is no installation required, as the entire application is web-based. GSM Barcoding also hosts it on one of our fully managed UK-based servers. Our solutions have simplicity and ease-of-use at the heart of our designs, making it as straightforward and instant as possible.

Asset management software such as ours is designed to give you instant access and to allow you to control everything within your own business. The complete history of movement is available instantaneously, meaning you no longer lose assets or need to purchase any replacements, which can be costly.

In many situations, off-the-shelf and even modular solutions won’t meet your business’s assets and projects as you may require. This is why GSM Barcoding tailors the software specifically to your needs, giving you a bespoke solution and making sure that your asset solution is perfect for your organisation.


Asset Tracking from GSM

At GSM Barcoding, our software of G-SMart Assets enables you to know where your assets are at any time. There is no need for traditional methods such as spreadsheets, as this web-based solution controls everything in one central location. Whether a small business or a managed service company, you can save time and money by utilising G-SMart Assets and barcode asset tracking systems.

We are so confident that your business will benefit from asset tracking that here at GSM Barcoding, we will provide you with a free demo of our asset tracking system, so you can help your business get control of its fixed assets.

If you would like any further information on how our barcode asset tracking solutions can assist your business to create a more streamlined structure, we would love for you to get in touch.

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