The Warehouse Manufacturing World In 2020

The future always seems far away, but it comes around faster than we imagine. The Internet of Things has evolved greatly, with seven out of ten professionals embracing it. But, what will the digital world be like in 2020? Thinking ahead is how businesses and technology evolve, and improve productivity. At GSM Barcoding, we are a Zebra technologies solutions partner.

Within the warehousing report for 2020, there are indications of what changes are to come, these include the future of warehouses becoming more responsive and cost effective, technology to expand and change, supply chains will advance, and there will be a new era of productivity.

Businessman working on logistic inside stock room with touchscreen tablet.

Visible Vision

Visibility that’s visionary is the concept adopted for planning into the future of tomorrow, by starting today – optimize today, plan for tomorrow, and see into the future. There are numerous different sections of manufacturing technologies used in warehouses which are expected to evolve by 2020. This will lead to several different factors changing.

As 78% of store associates use mobile devices to check product information, this could create more successful store operations with inventory, shipment, and receipts, through this connectivity. This method could create exceptional brand experiences by 2020.

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Customer service is a vital factor for any business, and this is certainly valid within warehouse manufacturing. It is expected this level of service is expected to rise 50% by 2020, increasing the quality of service and productivity. Enhancing this quality will result in reduced costs and simpler workflows, contributing to the increased level of satisfaction, as manufacturers benefit from the Internet of Things.

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Working with efficiency is key to achieve success, and increasing this by 2020 will lead to faster movement of goods, assets, people, and processes throughout the supply chain. With barcoding methods set to increase 61% of locating assets, this level of efficiency will incorporate into increasing productivity also.

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Improved Outcomes

The aims for the future primarily is to improve the outcomes of the business. A combination of the above factors together brings improved outcomes, of productivity, efficiency, and futuristic vision. Barcode solutions play a huge role in enabling accurate products, which maximises operational efficiency. The future of the manufacturing world has much to aim for, and achieving these improved outcomes will be highly beneficial for several businesses.

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There are several technologies which are changing the way warehousing and manufacturing works with the improvements of digital technology, and 2020 has a lot to offer for individuals and businesses to look forward to. We’ve previously discussed how to create the warehouse of the future, with advancements in warehousing.

With 21 billion connected devices in the Internet of Things, people are using this to work much closer together. Are you ready for the future?

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