The Android takeover of enterprise device market

The demand for Android OS in the enterprise setting seems to be growing in demand.  With the decline of Windows Mobile CE, the open source Android development system seems perfectly placed to be a replacement for warehouses and factories across the country.

Such has the growth been in the broad acceptance of Android in the workplace that many of the leading device manufacturers are choosing Android as the go-to operating systems on their devices.

Leading manufacturer Zebra Technologies have just released the largest range of enterprise devices for Android, so why are they so keen to invest in this technology, some of the reasons include:

  • Familiarity – It’s popular with workers as it is so easy to train and use.
  • Secure – The open source technology has allowed Zebra to add their own Mx technology to enable their range of devices to be uniquely hardened.
  • Development community – a range of apps are available thanks to the worldwide developer community.

The Zebra range is extensive and includes handheld devices for a range of applications and verticals.  The recently released range include the TC51 powerful handheld device for scanning, voice and data.

For more information about switching to Android handheld devices speak to one of our advisors for impartial expert’s support.

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