SureMDM integrates with Pradeo to offer Mobile Threat Defense

The threat to enterprise device security is ever present for operation and IT managers.  With the rise in BYOD and work devices employees have access to business-critical data from anywhere and at any time, which risks security and makes operations vulnerable to a broad range of threats.  Deploying a Mobile Threat Defense solution can help your organisation strengthen mobile security by preventing, detecting, and remediating sophisticated cyber attacks.  When integrated with a MDM platform, these solutions deliver integrated security management and policy enforcement across locations.

Thats why our technology partner for SureMDM, a Gartner and UEM solution are collaborating with with Pradeo, global leader in mobile security. With SureMDM you can get the best of both worlds–MDM to secure, monitor, and manage endpoints as well as MTD to safeguard your sensitive data and protect your Android and iOS devices against malware and phishing attacks.

Some of the key capabilities include:

  • Application Scanning for Enhanced Security: Perform proactive scanning of mobile applications to identify and eliminate potentially harmful apps, adware, fake apps, and potentially unwanted apps (PUA). Users can scan both the installed apps and system apps for the vulnerabilities.
  • MTD App Scan Report: The MTD app scan report provides administrators with valuable information on the threat status of devices, including the threat names and current threat status. This report equips admins to effectively address and resolve threats.
  • Automated Compliance Enforcement: Define compliance rules aligned with your Mobile Threat Defense Policy and specify desired actions for infected devices. By automating the compliance policy enforcement, admins can ensure that devices are consistently adhere to the organisation’s standards.
  • Guarding Against Phishing Threats (coming soon):The aim of phishing attacks is to steal the sensitive corporate data and disrupt the operations. With our MTD solution, businesses gain the ability to inspect links for malicious phishing URLs, preventing access to them. This ensures a fortified defense against sensitive data.

If you would like to know more about SureMDM and how it can help you manage and protect your enterprise devices please speak to one of our advisors or visit our MDM web page and enquire about a FREE trial with SureMDM.


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