Don’t be disappointed this Christmas! Order your Labels Early

Don’t be disappointed this Christmas! Ensure you have a productive Christmas rush by ordering your consumables and labels ahead of time


Christmas can be a very busy time for many areas of industry, for manufacturers the increase in business operations and productivity can start weeks ahead and for retailers and logistics, the increase in demand can put significant pressure on warehouse operations.  With all the preparations and planning from staff levels to supply chain management the humble label is often forgotten.

Essential to the marking and identification of items through the manufacturing process and in the warehouse, having poor quality labels or no labels at all at the busiest time of the year can bring your operations to a halt and create chaos.


First, If you produce on-demand labels in the warehouse ensure that you have the most up to date printers such as the Zebra ZT600 that can manage the print demand levels and that it has been serviced and the platen rollers replaced, this will put you in good standing for the busy period ahead.

Once you are assured that your in-house printing is up to the job, forecast your demand and ensure that you have the right number of labels and then ensure you have a buffer stock.  For those businesses such as manufacturers who have their labels part or wholly pre-printed speak to your printer bureau early and ensure that they can supply you with the labels you need ahead of time,    many label bureaux will be happy to help you with your label needs and provide advice.

At GSM Barcoding we can help you plan for your label needs and even hold a pre-ordered stock of labels for you to call off when required.  Ordering your labels in advance in large quantities gives your business the reassurance that there will always be labels locally available and you also benefit from the quantity discount of ordering upfront and then drawing from your supplies.  If you would like to speak to one of our label specialists or you would be interested in printers and printer maintenance services, please speak to us today.

GSM Barcoding is a leading AIDC business providing systems, hardware and labels in the UK.  Our business has over 40 years’ experience and with sites in County Durham and Bedfordshire, you can be assured of a local response to your barcoding challenges.

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