On demand RFID tagging from Zebra

Enjoy the flexibility of printing on-demand RFID tags with Zebra RFID printer and Confidex Silverline tags.  Ideal if your organisation is looking to print its own asset tags, when and where you need them.  The Zebra RFID Silverline bundle ensures that the printer, tags and ribbon all match perfectly, for quality printing.

How Does it Work

Working collaboratively Zebra and Silverline have customised the popular Zebra ZT410 printer to optimally print the Confidex Silverline RFID tags. The printer encodes and prints the tags utilising a special printhead and sensor customisation enabling extra thick 0.8mm labels to be printed – unlike most other printers.

Confidex Silverline Tags

Silverline tags can be printed on demand with the Zebra ZT410 specially adapted printer, but that is not the only benefit.  The Silverline tags are designed to also overcome the RFID performance deterioration that is common when applying RFID tags to metal and liquid filled items.  Choose from three label sizes, standard, slim and micro to print on any surface without suffering from RFID signal deterioration.


RFID allows your organisation to track stock and assets in real-time.  Utilising UHF RFID radio tags it is possible to encode and tag your items with passive radio tags, enabling your business to know more about the items and locations in real time.  Coupled with gateways sensors, the items are automatically identified at goods in/out without the need for line of sight scanning.  RFID takes Auto-ID one step further, maximising the efficiency in your operations.

GSM Barcoding – Zebra Partners

GSM Barcoding is an approved Zebra partner and can assist you in the specification, selection and support of Zebra RFID and printing solutions.  Speak to one of our consultants today or a Zebra RFID (PDF) brochure today.

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