What Is Stock Control Software and How Can It Benefit You?

Stock management is a vital component in a company, as it allows for the proper functioning of a business through ensuring that the stock is accounted for. In the supply chain, stock management follows a few important steps to guarantee optimised operations.

From requesting stock from stores to the head office purchasing new orders from vendors, through to stock reaching the shops to be sold to customers; ensuring stock is well-managed is vital. Solutions such as stock control software provides an efficient option for effective stock management, but do you know what this software entails and how it functions?

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Stock Control Software

The concept of stock management or stock control is known throughout many businesses, as it entails knowing how much stock you have, how much you need, what it is, and where it is. Traditional methods include spreadsheets and pen and paper, which may prove to be less efficient due to the possibility of human error occurring.

Stock control software is specialised software created for stock control, ensuring that both spreadsheets and pen and paper are replaced with an effective stock control solution. As it’s in harmony with keeping stock efficiently, stock control software allows for better visibility, control, and tracking of stock. Consolidating other aspects of the supply chain, it considers factors capable of affecting stock such as sales and purchases. With the management of purchase orders, stock control software helps to see and establish both minimum and maximums for products.

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 Stock Control and G-Smart Software

Created in-house by our accredited developers, our software provides information in real-time to the greatest accuracy, guaranteeing that your business is optimised. Through the utilisation of G-Smart stock software, you are able to efficiently manage your stock’s barcodes and create a barcode inventory system. G-Smart communicates directly with the scanners, ensuring every process is streamlined and costs are reduced.

Offering you the maximum productivity at each price point, you can always install modular upgrades when your business requires it. Our barcode software grows with your business and its needs, managing the inventory through the use of handheld wireless scanners that provide a choice that matches your business.

The data is uploaded electronically to the system, which minimises human error and increases productivity. With barcode inventory systems, a barcoding add-on for Stock, and stock control solutions for SME, you are sure to find the ideal solution for your business.

Stock control software, such as G-Smart Stock, scans the products, ensures stock location ID, does an accurate stock take, and quickly prints barcodes through G-Smart system interface. Through this efficient process, stock counting errors are nearly eliminated and stock intake is accurately taken.

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Through expert solutions and professional advice, here at GSM Barcoding we provide stock control software that allows you to accurately keep track of your stock, from the first to the last step of the supply chain.

To learn more about this and the technologies that can help you stand apart from the competition, increase your productivity and improve your warehousing, download the full, free report below:


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