Top 5 Misconceptions About Switching to Stock Automation

You’re probably hearing more and more about ‘automation’ recently, especially when it comes to factory floors or warehousing. Automated processes are rising in popularity, with an increasing number of small businesses opting for technologies that allow them to automate everything from picking to stock management.

Despite this popularity, there can still be some misconceptions associated with automation in a small business, especially when it comes to stock and other daily operations.

So, which (debunked) myths are we talking about?

1. Switching to Stock Automation is Too Complicated

On the contrary! Making the move to stock automation is a simple and easy process and can offer you many benefits, such as a reduction in human error and the chance to maximise scalability. The G-SMart Link 50 add-on allows for automated inventory management and barcode systems and integrates seamlessly with Sage 50.

This means you only need to install this add-on (a simple process in itself) and enjoy the advantages of a fully functioning warehouse and operations solution.

2. Stock Automation is Too Expensive

Because you can get a comprehensive stock control software with G-SMart Link 50, you don’t need to purchase several different programs that will give you the same functions. In addition, because human error is reduced with an automated system, you can also prevent potentially expensive issues from arising, such as over-ordering, for example.

3. Your Business is Too Small for Stock Automation

This is a common misconception, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Small businesses can benefit greatly from switching to stock automation, as they are likely to see their customer service and finance management improve, for instance. Also, because stock automation helps to track inventory loss, you can always be aware of everything you have at any given time.

This means that your small business will benefit from keeping on top of potential under or overstocking, as well as theft control.

4. You Won’t be Able to Deal with Potential Technical Problems

Every piece of software or automated machinery may need technical support at some point, for one reason or another. Some small business owners might believe that they will be unable to solve potential technical issues, although this is not the case.

With G-SMart Link 50 as the example, you will always receive advice and support to introduce barcoding into your business, which includes consultancy and, of course, ongoing technical support. This means you will be provided support from the beginning.

5. Adopting Stock Automation Will Mean Changing Current Operations

Some small businesses owners may fear that their operations will have to change drastically to accommodate a new stock management system. However, even though the way you manage your inventory will change (for the better!), your daily operations will stay the same.

In essence, it means you won’t have to make any changes you deem unnecessary to the way you run your business – asset tracking systems can help you to keep on top of your inventory, that’s all.

For some, switching to stock automation can be a little daunting, but clearing up misconceptions such as these can help put their minds at ease – and yours too!

Enjoy the advantages that automation can bring to your warehouse operations, such as a more streamlined business, and contact GSM Barcoding if you’d like to learn more about it. We’re always on hand to answer any questions you may have about inventory management systems.

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