Spotlight on the ZT600 Range: Printers for The Future

Exceptional Today, Ready for Tomorrow, Built for the Future

GSM Barcoding are proud to announce that our strong partnership working with Zebra allows us access to the latest world-leading technologies. The impressive range of Zebra printers are evolving and have announced a new, innovative and efficient series of printers. The ZT600 range.


This fresh and state-of-the-art range of printers is setting the vision for the future of printers and truly has a next-gen brain. Built upon the foundation of their predecessors – the industry-leading Zebra Xi Series printers, the ZT600 series will meet your printing needs and more, not just for now, but for years and years to come. With the industrial brawn for every challenge, this new series of Zebra printers are advancing the already formed legacy of Zebra technologies, which GSM Barcoding have access to.

With the Zebra ZT600 Range, You’ll Have the Power to:

  • Keep Operations Running Smoothly
  • Maximize Performance
  • Gain Complete Visibility
  • Upgrade Effortlessly

When we say that this printer is the technology of the future, we are talking facts, not fiction. With more than a few benefits, you can keep your operations running smoothly and streamlined as the ZT600 range are extremely easy to manage and maintain. Both the ZT610 and the ZT620 advance on the legacy of the Xi Series, maximising performance through quick, efficient and adaptable controls. Not to mention with extremely high resolution.

The complete visibility of the printers through the Link-OS remote management and cloud capabilities mean you won’t miss a thing. Keeping track of your data and controlling your structures has never been easier.

You can easily upgrade your printers to keep up to date with constantly evolving industries. This highly adaptable printing platform evolves along with the industry and your business needs.

Technology Built for the Future

We all know where the future is headed, especially when it comes to high-tech equipment and industries who rely on it. It’s getting bigger, and better. This is especially true for industrial printing.

The technology which sets this series of printers apart is endless, and above all seamless. Everything from mobile device management connectors, providing integration between networked printers to RFID encoding capabilities, we are seeing into the future with the ZT600 range.

To keep your critical operations running smoothly across a range of applications, the ZT600 Series can provide:

  • Remote Management and Trouble-Free Maintenance – Allowing you to manage your entire fleet, from anywhere, at any time, from any web-based
  • Heavy Metal and Durable Design Structure – The printers can handle the toughest of environments, meaning 24/7 reliability and trust.
  • Secure Cloud Connections and Advanced Diagnostics – This feature allows you to scale up or down quickly, easily and efficiently.
  • Micro-Consistent Printing – Provides high-quality labels as small as 3mm.
  • Complete Compatibility – The printer can adapt to your changing business needs, with field upgradable media handling and communications.
  • Innovative and Intuitive Design – The design of the printers is simplified for maintenance and troubleshooting and is made with a stylish design in mind.
  • Seamless Integration and Multiple Connectivity – Multiple connectivity options with legacy printing systems allow for easy installation and simple setup.
  • Quick Change PrintheadThe quick speed of the printers can reduce downtime and speed up processes and structures.

You can see the full detailed spec for the series of ZT600 Printers, which includes information about the ZT610 and the ZT620. While they both offer technology, control and operations like we’ve never seen before, they both offer slightly different qualities.


GSM Barcoding has been working with Zebra as an approved solution partner for many years now. We assist as partners in developing solutions based on the latest technologies and incorporating them into the innovative Zebra brand and Zebra printers.  If you would like any further information on this exciting and refreshing take on an industrial printer, simply get in touch with the team at GSM Barcoding today.

Are you Ready to Print with Brawn and Brains?

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