The Importance of Smart Technology in the Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process has come a long way in recent years as technology continues to improve and evolve. As businesses grow, it is essential that they are able to keep up with demand and with changing technologies. As smart technology infiltrates all areas of our lives, warehousing and manufacturing are not exempt from the advancements, and we are seeing the impact that smart devices and modern technologies can have on the efficiency of many companies and their supply chains.

Warehouse Smart Technology

Staying Connected

For many businesses, one key concern is that of accountability. Each item must be able to be tracked, something that was harder to do in the past. Through the use of a variety of devices and systems, companies are able to take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) as devices communicate with one another, making accountability simpler and more efficient.

This connectivity is essential as it allows for improved efficiency across multiple areas of the business, from manufacturing to warehousing and truck loading. The IoT facilitates a real-time workforce interaction, maintaining the link between each facet of the company.

Increasing Productivity

70% of the operating costs of a facility go to order picking and fulfilment, so smart technology that can increase productivity would be of great value. This technology is likely to come in a huge variety of formats, from handheld to vehicle-mounted, as well as wearables.

In a bid to improve the efficiency of workflow and increase productivity, the industry will be looking to move to multi-modal picking, combining voice and screen direction. It is thought that this will reduce the amount of training time required for full productivity which is estimated to stand at 53.6 hours at present.

Improving the Customer Experience Through Industry 4.0

It is essential that while attempting to improve productivity and efficiency within the supply chain, the customer experience is not dismissed. However, the same technologies that can increase productivity and efficiency can also improve the customer experience.

While connectivity can provide the possibility for increased accountability, it can also improve communication with your customers. These days, consumers are able to and often expect to receive purchases within mere hours of placing an order. As accountability is improved in the warehouse and throughout the supply chain, this is passed down to the customer who can then track their purchases on a level which was not possible until recent years.

This improved experience can encourage trust and loyalty in the relationship between you and your customer.

Smart technology is proving itself to be incredibly valuable to the industry, providing essential features that can help to set your business apart from the competition as you improve everything from accountability to productivity and even the customer experience.

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