Seagull Bartender 10.1 Support is Coming to its End. A simple Guide on How to Upgrade to Bartender 2021

With the exciting release of BarTender 2021 imminent, we would like to advise our customers that BarTender 10.1 software support is ending on 31st December 2020.

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Usually, technical support for a version of BarTender is available for four years after the next version of BarTender is released. In the case of BarTender v10.1, this means that End of Support for this version would usually have been reached November 1st, 2019.

However, due to the significant changes between BarTender v10.1 and BarTender 2019/2021, BarTender decided to extend the End of Support date for BarTender v10.1 customers if an active maintenance agreement is in place. The intent of the extension is to ensure that BarTender customers experience a smooth transition as they update to the BarTender software.

How Do I Know if My 10.1 License is Covered by Support?

The rule is simple:

After November 1st, 2019, if your BarTender 10.1 license does not have an active maintenance agreement, your software will no longer be supported.

After November 1st, 2019, if your BarTender 10.1 license is covered by an active maintenance agreement, you will be eligible for extended support until December 31st, 2020 or until the expiration of your maintenance agreement, whichever comes first.

When you reach out to us, we will be able to inform you of your Maintenance and Support agreement expiration date if you’re unsure about it.

What Does End of Support Mean to Me?

It means that the product itself will continue to function, but Seagull Scientific will no longer provide any technical assistance on it.

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What Can I Do?

We recommend making a plan to update to a supported version of BarTender as soon as possible. If you have an active maintenance and support agreement, upgrading to a newer version of the product is free (subject to version and terms). You can get more information on support and maintenance contracts by contacting us.

Do I Need to Get a New Product Code?

If you are moving to BarTender 2021 from 2019 and have an active support and maintenance contract, you can simply download the latest release of BarTender and activate it with your existing Product Key Code.

If you are moving to BarTender 2021 from earlier versions, you will need to contact GSM Barcoding to get a new Product Key Code, even if you have an active support and maintenance contract.

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What New Features Can I Expect From Bartnder 2021

  • Fast, secure internet printing and workflow approval — remote employees, suppliers and partners can access select and print labels from anywhere, any time, on any device or operating system
  • Increased label QA and accountability with visual-interface Workflow Designer providing faster design, approval, tracking and deployment
  • Improved business continuity and disaster recovery — licensing backup server and redundancy to ensure continuous printing operations
  • Tight yet flexible integration with your business systems with new Excel Online, Google Sheets, JSON and QuickBooks Online support along with expanded API support for new workflow and Print Portal enhancements
  • The ability to create and print commercial-quality designs using the PANTONE Color System, data-sourced colours and improved colour picker
  • Reach new, global markets with a Phrase Library for building a multi-lingual database of standard text phrases and support for every modern writing system.

At GSM Barcoding, we are BarTender Software partners and have extensive experience in helping businesses of all size implement label creation and management solutions coupled with barcoding solutions. If you need any further help or advice contact us today.

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