How Can SMBs Achieve Efficiency Gains in the Warehouse?

As a provider of barcode and RFID solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), GSM Barcoding understands the importance of optimising workflow in the warehouse. In today’s competitive business environment, efficiency gains can make the difference between success and failure. That’s why we are excited to share our insights on how SMBs can achieve efficiency gains in the warehouse by optimising their workflows. We will discuss various strategies and tools to help businesses improve their warehouse operations, including Zebra Technologies, a range of products designed to digitalise warehouse operations and enhance productivity. Read on to learn how you can optimise your workflow and achieve greater efficiency in your warehouse.

Optimise Your Workflow

One of the best ways you can improve the efficiency of your warehouse is to optimise your workflow. Are there steps which could be reduced or minimised? Alternatively, could one task be made easier with a bigger workforce? The first step to optimisation is to analyse the current processes of your workflow, this could mean addressing the metrics provided by your business with a handful of telematics. Alternatively, it could mean addressing the issues from the ground up. Nothing quite beats hands-on experience, however, so working alongside each department throughout your process analysis can expose the problems along the chain and provide an in-depth insight into where improvements could be made.

Once you have made the necessary assessments, you can simplify processes by eliminating any unnecessary steps and the time and effort it takes staff to complete their tasks. One example of doing this, with the help of our Zebra products, is stock checking anywhere in the building with their mobile device scanners. Paired with a barcoding system, these devices allow staff to check stock levels within seconds instead of manually looking. This system will reduce the time your on-site or even remote buyer takes to make their orders. Furthermore, this can help make more jobs remote, which could maximise the space you have available in your warehouse without the need for additional desk space.

Automate Your Processes

We covered the process of simplifying your processes manually. However, using the latest technology, you could even automatise various positions within the company. For instance, if a customer has finally agreed to a quote, instead of passing the information on manually from the sales team to the warehouse, you could set up a system that can reduce the need for back and forth. This can allow you to re-train and upskill your current staff due to the additional time they may be gaining by automating various processes.

With Zebra’s vast collection of mobile devices, for example, their wearable devices, programs and apps which can help automate your process can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the building. This lack of manual input can reduce the time from POS to Shipping, which could offer your business the most efficient process of getting orders out on time and even reduces human error by having the digitalised information on-hand at all times.

Improve Communication

Communication is critical to optimising workflow in the warehouse. SMBs should ensure that all employees understand their roles and responsibilities and that there is clear communication between departments. This can be improved with a handful of optimisation opportunities. Firstly, efficient internets Wi-Fi connections throughout your facility are essential. Test your connection throughout all warehouse areas, confirming no dead zones within your building. This will help ensure there is no disruption to your equipment. This will maximise the efficiency of your processes and communication from office to warehouse.

Improving your staff’s communication is another way of addressing any efficiency issue. With the staff, you already have, make a clear command structure. Have a guide for staff on where to go with issues and queries unique to your business. These guidelines reduce miscommunication and maximise efficiency by having well-trained staff leading new team members and customer responses.

Utilise technology

Technology can be a powerful tool for optimising the operations of a warehouse facility. Smaller warehouses can use it to track inventory, monitor employee productivity and analyse data on performance. Most warehouses already have an array of technology at their disposal. However, are you getting the most from the technology you currently use? Spend time researching your individual products and understanding their full capabilities. At GSM, we offer training on all the equipment we install to ensure you are getting the most from the machines we supply.

Another way you can utilise technology is by having all systems working from the same operating system. Zebra Technologies offer a vast collection of products which can interlink and work together to get the most from your processes. They have some of the latest technology to ensure their equipment will smoothen operations, reduce human errors, and work seamlessly like a well-oiled machine. From PDF Direct printing to barcode scanners and wearable devices, having a system of machines all working simultaneously to provide the best service can thoroughly optimise and maximise the output of your warehouse.

GSM Barcoding – The Zebra Specialists

When finding the best solution for your small to large warehouse efficiency, the only answer is GSM Barcoding. As experts in barcoding systems, we can assist any size warehouse in stock control, asset tracking and mobility solutions. We are proud to partner with Zebra Technologies in order to provide only the best equipment for your needs. If you would like more information on any of our services or products you can contact us directly online and our team will get back as soon as posible to help.

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