GSM Latest News: Zebra SMB Spotlight

Zebra is a leader in providing the latest technology to assist in creating efficient processes in various industries. They offer 54 years of innovative products in 120 countries worldwide. Their products are used in many sectors, including retail, e-commerce fulfilment, healthcare, manufacturing, etc. However, their products are incredibly popular within the warehousing sector, offering top-of-the-range equipment to streamline processes and improve efficiency, minimising waste and offering a cost-effective solution to warehouses worldwide.

They have won many prestigious awards, including Forbes 2022 America’s Best Mid-Size Employers for the sixth consecutive year. In addition, Zebra Technologies ranked #1 in Newsweek America’s Most Trusted Companies 2022, A celebrated list where the top companies in the technology industry based on trust by customers, investors, and employees. As a responsible corporate citizen, Zebra is committed to strong corporate governance practices and environmental and social initiatives that benefit all stakeholders. This expertise has made them a global leader in Auto-ID technology, and they have been a key partner to GSM Barcoding for many years.

Innovation to Upgrade Small Warehouses Into Thriving Enterprises

As the world of digitalisation and automation grows, it can be challenging for SMEs to compete with larger industries utilising these products since they were first introduced. However, going digital will make your existing in-house processes much more efficient and assist in expanding smaller operations to cope with larger workloads and productions. Using decades of innovation, Zebra designs every product with efficiency in mind whilst being able to apply them in various situations. Discover how great your business can be by minimising mistakes, reducing waste and tracking your facilities’ progress with this world-leading company’s incredible range of equipment.

Mobile Computers And Tablets

Mobile devices have been used for many years to keep the world connected, and many professionals use them to operate entire businesses from the palm of their hands easily. Warehouses could benefit from the same with Zebra’s incredible range of mobile computers. Give workers the right tools to complete work faster, smarter, and better with Zebra’s mobile computing hardware and software tools portfolio. From handhelds and tablets to wearables and vehicle-mounted computers, Zebra’s solutions run on Windows® or Android™ operating systems and enable workers to perform at their best.

Handheld Computers

Zebra offers ten variations of handheld computers, all offering the latest technology in the palm of your hand, built with the needs of various situations in mind. These will offer warehouses a seamless transition into digitising their processes. When equipped with additional barcode scanning functions, they will scan product labels and check availability with current stock levels through wirelessly connected inventory databases. They will also assist with picking orders efficiently by accessing your digital picking notes stored on your servers. This minimises your use of paper, minimising overheads, and stationary costs; it also eliminates the chance of losing physical data as everything exists securely on your wireless database.

Vehicle Mounted Computers

When it comes to efficient order picking, your vehicle operators need a device that can provide real-time information on the progress of various orders whilst they are mobile around your facility. Zebra offers a mobile computer that can provide the flexibility of taking the data with them wherever possible. Furthermore, using android systems, you could optimise the device for various platforms making your delivery service efficient and productive.

Wearable Computers

If you are looking for something that provides the ultimate flexibility for your warehouse staff, look no further than Zebra’s wearable devices. With the all-in-one WS50, workers only need one device to capture and access data instead of a host mobile computer and ring scanner, providing a true converged wearable solution. Working like their handheld devices, the 13 MP camera in the wrist-mounted model supports barcode scanning and can capture detailed photos to document proof of condition and more. The push-to-talk (PTT) support also eliminates the need for separate voice devices such as two-way radios.


Going digital is the best way to upgrade your warehouse, but printing for invoices and labelling is still necessary. Luckily the Zebra range of printers is designed to work seamlessly with their mobile computers. These allow you to print shipping labels and invoices directly from your handheld device. This will improve the speed of transactions and even offer remote processes due to the printers’ Bluetooth connectivity. Zebra offer a vast collection of printers, from desktop to industrial sizes, for all your printing needs and can also provide wristband printing, which is ideal for visitors. However, the most beneficial feature is their PDF Direct, which offers easy printing of invoices directly from their mobile computers and devices.

In particular, their ZT600 Series of industrial printers can offer exceptional performance. Built with durable steel structural components, they offer the most uncompromising durability for the busiest environments. They can withstand years of debris, dust and other challenging industrial environments and have an easy set-up, with user-friendly features, reducing the training time and getting you started as soon as possible after delivery. In addition, with two available communication slots, field-installable RFID encoder and media-handling options, and two USB host ports for plug-and-play integration, it’s easy to stay ahead of your evolving business and technology needs.

Barcode Scanners

Properly formatted barcode labels are essential for running a warehouse in this highly competitive sector. The best design will significantly improve stock-taking and picking orders whilst significantly reducing human error. However, you will need a reliable barcode scanner to assist with your operations to ensure you have the most efficient process. In addition, the warehouse is often not the cleanest of environments, so having a scanner that can read damaged and dirty barcodes is essential. Zebra’s barcode scanners use the latest technology to scan various barcodes in various conditions, optimising the capability of your staff and anticipating challenges to prevent delays and errors.

Zebra has a scanner to suit all needs and requirements in whatever industry you operate in. Whether you need a built-in scanner on the counter, a mounted device on your conveyor, or handheld devices for your staff, we can help you build the best solution for your business. As stockists of Zebra products, we can provide you with the latest technology to offer your warehouse the most efficient and cost-saving solutions.

Upgrade Your Warehouse with GSM Barcoding

Regardless of how big or small your warehouse operations may be, we can help optimise your processes to help drive efficiency and reduce the costs of manual picking and sorting. We are proud to work with Zebra as a partner as they offer some of the latest technology and robust solutions to withstand the hectic and harsh environments many warehouses often suffer. You can enquire online today for more information on any of our available products to upgrade your warehouse. We will get to know you and your business to help optimise your warehouse bespoke to your needs.

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