Different Types of Labels

Types of Labels

There is a range of label types that are each best suited for particular uses. Here is a quick summary of the label types we will explore in more detail below.

Bar Code

Asset Labels and Tags:

  • Custom asset labels
  • Durable asset labels or tags
  • Security asset labels

Automotive Labels:

  • Odette & GTL Automotive labels
  • Automotive under bonnet labels
  • Decal automotive labels

Barcode Labels and Stickers

  • Numeric only barcode labels
  • Alphanumeric barcode labels
  • 2D barcode labels

Rolls-Royce SABRe Labels

Why Choosing the Correct Label Matters to Your Business

Understanding the different types of labels is essential because if the label cannot be scanned, fails to adhere (stick) to the item, or cannot withstand the environmental conditions, then efficient operations management breaks down.  Goods can not go out the door, and customers and members of the supply chain may reject your deliveries.

At GSM Barcoding we offer a wide variety of labelling, from global transport labels (GTL) for the automotive industry, chemical industry compliant labels, and food labels.

Asset Labels and Tags

Asset labels and tags cover a wide range of items, such as fixed assets within the business and loaned assets that require identification and tracking. These labels and tags can be used for maintenance and facility management companies to keep track and maintain assets such as computers, chairs, desks, and others. As asset labels and tags are ideal for tracking fixed assets, companies are aware of both the value and the location of their assets, which is beneficial for security, accounting, and productivity reasons. In combination with G-Smart assets management software, you are able to create an asset register of your assets through the creation of asset numbers.

Custom asset labels are ideal if you wish to identify and track your assets, as they can include a barcode, sequential numbers, a brand logo, and a QR code. In various shapes, materials, and colours, you can find the ideal low-cost solution.

If your assets are contained within a tough environment, such as a manufacturing plant, durable asset label or tag are your ideal choice. Made from materials resistant to abrasion, sunlight, high temperatures, solves, and other conditions, they can be polycarbonate asset labels or anodised aluminium asset tags. Polycarbonate asset labels provide the highest resistance to chemical exposure and abrasion, providing heavy duty protection. The anodised aluminium asset tags contain your information, able to be used both indoors or outdoors, and resistant to sunlight, high temperatures, and solves, amongst others.

Security asset labels are vital to prevent theft of assets such as IT equipment, as the labels are non-removable. High risk of theft can be fought through the use of labels that showcase removal attempts and interference. When tampered with, the labels leave an obvious void mark that prevents both theft and transference of the label.

Automotive Labels (Odette Labels and GTL Labels)

Complying with OEM & Industry group specifications, and listed in the industry’s IMDS database, the materials for our automotive labels are made to the highest requirements. Our 17-character VIN labels can contain world automotive manufacturer identification, the manufacturer’s specifications, the type of restraint system, year of model, and much more.

The Odette & GTL Automotive labels are printed in accordance to the Odette pan-European collaboration and services platform. This organization sets the necessary label standards across the automotive network. These labels are utilised to identify goods and assets through barcodes, helping to associate the physical goods and their arrival with the ODETTE Despatch Advice message. The labels can be either peelable or permanent adhesives, plain or bespoke printed, and made from paper or synthetic material.

Automotive under bonnet labels are ideal for metal surfaces, such as engines, where temperatures are known to fluctuate. Ideal for both chemical exposure and harsh environments, they meet OEM and Tier 1 standards. We are able to print our labels onto metal or plastic, ensuring your needs are met. Made to any shape or size, decal automotive labels are waterproof, scratch and tear resistant, and highly durable.

Barcode Labels and Stickers

Barcoding labels and stickers are available in several designs, and each allows for optimisation of asset tracking systems, barcode tracking and identification. Numeric only barcode labels are the oldest barcode labels that were developed. Known as a retail label, it encodes numbers for Auto ID recognition. The most popular variations are the European Article Numbering (EAN) for international retail product codes, Code 11 for coding telecom equipment, UPC which is a retail code that is predominantly utilised in the USA, Codabar which is an older barcode utilised more by blood banks, library systems, and FedEx, and ITF Interleaved 2 of 5 which is more used by in industry and air freight.

Alphanumeric barcode labels provide wider variation and data, and it’s useful in industries such as the automotive and defence. They include Code39 that are for general purpose and mainly used in the defence and automotive industries, Code93 which is more compact and has ASCII support and additional data information, and Code128 that is vital for the logistics transportation industry due to its large data handling.

For bigger amounts of data, 2D barcode labels have become a popular solution. Able to support a maximum of four different modes of data, it uses 2D scanners for identification. Popular 2D labels are the PDF417 that allows for large data encoding of more than 1.1KB that can include images and signatures, and the DataMatrix that is mostly popular with the electronics, logistics, and operations industries due to being able to be produced on a small scale and including a large amount of data.

Rolls-Royce SABRe Labels

Working with Rolls-Royce since 1994, here at GSM Barcoding we understand the requirements and standards set by the company. As suppliers in both the defence and the aerospace industries need to meet the right labelling standards set by the Rolls-Royce SABRe supply chain programme, we ensure all of our Rolls-Royce SABRe labels are compliant.

The Rolls-Royce packaging label format states that the primary label for packaging needs to be properly attached, and other layers of packaging also labelled with the adequate information. The minimum requirement of information needs to be adhered to. Different colour strips are adopted every year by the company, and the Rolls-Royce colour coded labels need to utilised the up-to-date colour strip to adhere to the company’s requirements.

The Rolls-Royce receipt manifest aids in a quick processing of deliveries through receipt labels that incorporate barcodes, and must be attached by suppliers. The categories of e-manifest suppliers and non e-manifest suppliers need to be correctly added by the supplier.

Our expert team can advise you on the different types of labels and legal requirements; simply get in touch with us and we’ll happily answer any query you might have! You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter to see our latest news.

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