Improving Your Business’ Asset Management

Having an asset management system within a business has become commonplace over the years; there are a variety of different technologies and methods which are constantly developing which can make the job of tracking and organising your assets one of the easiest jobs to do on a daily basis.

However, many businesses still haven’t fine-tuned their asset management system, which can often cause serious complications down the line if not rectified in enough time.

Whether you’re looking at a barcoding solution for stock control, asset tracking systems or even as a mobile business solution, it’s  important to determine how your current system is performing and how much impact a new system could pose.

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Is It Efficient Enough?

One of the best ways to tell that your asset management system needs improving is if it takes you a very long time to undertake a task that you know isn’t labour intensive or that requires a lot of manpower to complete.

You should be able to easily manage your assets with very little effort; spending unnecessary time on tasks will slow down other areas of your business, and as companies are expanding, time is even more precious now.

Many businesses put off implementing a new asset management system, even though they can identify that something needs to be done to improve their efficiency. This is often because they are worried that the new system will interfere even more with their efficiency while it is being implemented, but if done correctly, any interruption should be kept to a minimum and your business will run smoothly – if not more efficiently – right away.

Does It Fit Your Needs?

Businesses are constantly evolving, and you may notice that your needs and requirements of your asset management system begin to change as you grow and expand.

Rather than wait to see whether your existing system can deal with the added pressure that comes with an advancing business, it’s important to start looking at other systems which may fit your needs better.

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In order to find out which system will better your business, it’s important to identify your needs if you have undergone an expansion or growth and to match these with what your current systems can cope with.

Are You Relying on Staff Too Much?

Technology has advanced enough that almost every position in a business can be aided with some form of technology to help employees do their job.

Human error can and does happen on a daily basis, and in many circumstances, it’s not always the employees fault – they may not realise that they have done something wrong! However, human error can be reduced quite easily, and with the help of a new tracking system, you can streamline your process and guarantee accurate tracking data for all your assets with very little human interaction involved.

Do You Know Where Your Assets Are?

Once your assets are transferred out of your business, do you know where they are? For some businesses, being able to determine where their assets are is essential to the smooth running of their business, and with them out of physical reach, this can often disrupt day-to-day workings if not factored in.

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With an adequate asset tracking system, business owners are able to know where their assets are via a digital database, and make important decisions on them, such as value and depreciate them as required using a business asset register. This will allow the business to achieve a better result when it comes to their end of year accounting.

There’s also the added benefit of being able to report faults and schedule maintenance for your assets via your asset management software, freeing up more time and allowing you to look after your assets more adequately.

The technology provides business with better visibility, tracking and reporting by using asset labels, software in the form of databases and scanners to automate the tracking rather than having an ad hoc way of doing it.

If you’re looking to improve your asset tracking software this year as part of your business plan, GSM Barcoding can help. Please feel free to get in touch with us today and a member of our team will be more than happy to help you find the right solution for you.

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