Why Your Business Should Go Mobile Today

When it comes to taking control of your stock and implementing asset tracking solutions, you can’t go wrong with barcodes. Barcoding systems have revolutionised the way so many industries operate. From healthcare to manufacturing, barcoding technology has completely streamlined their processes and significantly reduced the possibility of admin errors.

Man Scanning a Barcode

However, for those looking for a way to improve the way their business operates even further, you should consider mobile barcoding technology. Mobile barcoding puts the freedom of control and movement in your hands and allows you to operate from virtually anywhere. Take a look at some of the reasons why your business could really benefit from the likes of a mobile barcode app.


With mobile technology at your disposal, you are no longer restricted to where you and your workforce are able to operate. You can work wirelessly across multiple locations, scanning and processing stock whilst you’re on the move, using the likes of mobile computers, tablets or handheld devices. With a mobile device, you can see your stock levels update in real time and manage your inventory from anywhere.

Easy to Carry

Carrying around a portable, handheld device is much easier and more comfortable than carrying or wheeling along a heavy scanner to where you need it to go. If your business keeps its stock in many different locations, a mobile solution could be the answer your inventory needs. Instead of lugging heavy equipment around, or spending money setting up scanners and printers in a number of different places, save time and effort by providing your workers with mobile devices to streamline the process. These devices can fit easily into pockets for quick access and convenient transportation.

Saves Time

The difference between a barcode scanner and using a mobile device is their limitations. A simple barcode scanner is easy to use and doesn’t require any special software, but it’s limited by its range of wireless connection, more of a tool than an integrated system. Mobile scanners come with the added benefit of being essentially an entire computer in your hand. Unlike with a barcode scanner, you won’t need to return to a computer terminal to log the inventory that you’ve just scanned. Mobile devices save all of your data records within the mobile computer, putting out the data via CSV files for you to import and process when you need to report.

Improves Productivity

The added benefits mobile devices bring, such as being able to carry them on your person and use them anywhere in the workplace, increase the productivity of your business. Workers no longer have to waste time travelling between multiple locations, moving from inventory to computer terminals; their tasks can be completed from their handheld devices, allowing them to move onto the next task sooner. More can be completed in a shorter space of time, increasing the efficiency of operations overall and leading to a potential increase in business revenues.


Setting up mobile barcoding doesn’t need to be complicated. With the Go-Barcode app suite from GSM Barcoding, you can implement a versatile barcode tracking system into your business with a single handheld scanner. There is no complicated set-up and no need to integrate it with your existing IT system. The packing is an ‘out-of-the-box’ mobile and app bundle with pre-installed programmes; can be used instantly for versatile and flexible data collection.

Customer Satisfaction

By increasing your business’s productivity and efficiency, your workers will be able to provide greater customer service, improving customer satisfaction overall. It’s important in any business to keep customers happy. Unsatisfied customers are unlikely to return to your business in the future if they’ve had an unpleasant experience, and retaining customers is just as, if not more, important as attaining new ones. Your workforce will be better equipped to handle customer needs with their improved efficiency behind the scenes, thanks to the use of their mobile devices freeing up their time.

Man Checking Stock in Warehouse
Improve your business and your barcode inventory systems with a mobile barcode scanner from GSM Barcoding. Our flexible barcoding track and trace solutions can be customised to track almost anything. The Dynamic scan app is non-networked and ideal for small businesses in need of a flexible barcode software app or larger businesses who wish to use a mobile tracking system independently of their existing IT system.

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