Why Asset Tracking is Essential in the Emergency Services

If there’s one industry that requires the utmost care to prevent administration errors, it’s the emergency services. This industry is crucial for ensuring public health and safety. Police departments, fire and rescue services and emergency response units require a well-organised system for tracking their tools and equipment.

Fire Service

In a line of work where split-second decisions can make the difference between life and death, there is no time for manual record keeping of emergency gear and supplies. It’s paramount that all equipment is in good condition and that it is with the people who need it at crucial times. The likes of asset tracking systems for equipment and inventory is the ideal solution for an industry that needs to make every second count.

Tracking Supplies

Tracking inventory and equipment can become a monumental task in an incredibly fast-paced industry where it is constantly in and out of use and is being transported to where it’s needed. With the likes of a manual spreadsheets, asset tracking is prone to human error, which can cause problems such as not knowing where equipment is and having it recorded as being in the wrong place.

Given the life and death situations the emergency services deal with on a daily basis, an effective, quick and accurate asset tracking system is crucial. Asset tracking can be used to track all types of supplies and equipment under one system, making it convenient for anyone to use. Asset labels can be printed and applied directly to the supplies, which can then be scanned in seconds to provide precise identification of all the emergency resources.

For the fire services, for example, the appropriate equipment needs to be loaded on the trucks to be ready for the next emergency call. With a manual system, a person will need to count and record each piece of equipment by hand before either writing it down in a paper spreadsheet or entering it manually into a computer. However, with asset tracking software, equipment can be scanned and recorded automatically, freeing up the service men and women’s valuable time and ensuring the correct equipment is where it needs to be.

Asset Labels

Asset labels, like the ones from GSM Barcoding, are designed to be either non-removable or non-transferable to ensure accuracy in asset tracking. They can be made to be durable enough to withstand even the most extreme conditions, so no matter what environment the emergency services come up against, the labels on their equipment will still function correctly.

You can track assets in tough environments with durable asset tags and labels, and for those in the emergency services, this is essential. Labels can be manufactured to survive high temperatures, sunlight, abrasion, solvents and more. For the ultimate resistance from abrasion and chemical exposure, you can get polycarbonate asset labels that are laminated for heavy duty protection.

With a label attached to each piece of equipment, they can be quickly scanned, and your records will be automatically updated in your inventory database. Asset tracking improves the efficiency and accuracy of managing your equipment and supplies.

Scanning a Barcode

Mobile Devices

The scope of the emergency services means that those employed in this industry are constantly on the move, attending to emergency situations all over the country. One of the most efficient ways to ensure that your asset tracking is as quick as possible is through the use of mobile devices.

Mobile devices can be used anywhere to access the information needed. Emergency service workers can use mobile devices to quickly check the location and status of all of their equipment and supplies instantly, seeing updates in real-time as inventory is scanned. Items can also be scanned on-site with a mobile barcode scanner to supply everyone with the most accurate and up-to-date status of every piece of equipment, allowing for effective barcode tracking.

When it comes to saving lives, every moment counts. Don’t waste any time with manual, time-consuming spreadsheets; asset tracking is the most efficient way to ensure you maintain, manage and preserve medical stock, track fire safety equipment and keep a record of where all the life-saving supplies are at any time.

Identifying and tracking emergency services’ supplies and equipment is essential for security and productivity. At GSM Barcoding, we have over 40 years’ experience, we can design and supply asset labels and fixed asset tags for your asset tracking systems to help you keep track of assets inside and outside of your organisation.

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