Why Small Businesses Need Barcoding

It can be easy to presume that only large corporation and companies with millions of items of stock would need to have barcoding inventory systems in place, but here at GSM Barcoding, we know that’s simply not the case at all.

Big or small; essentially any size business can utilise the benefits of installing a barcoding system, especially when it comes to inventory control. Whether you want to increase productivity or streamline the management of your stock, barcoding solutions are essential.

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Understanding Your Inventory

As a business who relies on stock levels, no matter how big or small, it’s important that you have some idea of the state of your inventory; whether this be stock levels, item position or even how your stock is managed.


Understanding how you stock is working – or not – is a great way to identify where you can improve your stock management, and using a barcode system can help you with this. Each item could be supplied with a unique barcode which would enable a wide variety of tracking and reporting to be done with regards to that one specific item; from tracking its journey through the inventory management system, to giving the company an understanding of the stock levels of that particular item.

Forecasting and Anticipating Stock Changes

During the year, there may be periods when certain items become more popular and are therefore more likely to sell out. While it can be quite easy to see that these items are selling out fast, it’s often too late when the item starts running out and you haven’t had chance to restock.


While this is a problem for bigger companies too, it can severely harm a smaller business who are reliant on keeping their smaller client base happy to keep them going. With this in mind, barcoding systems can help predict potential low stock and will alert the business so that more can be ordered before stock levels are completely depleted.

This is especially useful around the festive period, as stock levels can run down quite fast in the run up to Christmas. To avoid any upset and dissatisfied customers, simply barcoding your stock and scanning each item as they leave will give you an accurate indication of your stock levels without the need for manually counting each item. This will ensure you always have enough stock in to meet demand and keep those customers happy.

At GSM Barcoding, we have a variety of barcoding solutions to help your business stay on top of things – no matter how big or small your company or inventory is! For more information on how our solutions can help you, please feel free to contact us today – we’ll be happy to help!

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