What is Asset Tracking Software?

From reducing costs and improving asset management, there are so many benefits to implementing asset tracking into your business. With web based software, tracking is now easier and better than ever, making it an essential part of any organisation wanting to ensure they keep their assets completely visible at all times.

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Here’s what you need to know about asset tracking and asset tracking software, its benefits and how GSM Barcoding can help.

What is Asset Tracking?

For any asset-intensive business where fixed assets need to be accounted for, efficient asset tracking is essential. Whether it’s IT equipment or vehicles, you need to know where your assets are at all times to ensure that you do not incur expenses that eat into your profits.

At a basic level, asset tracking uses tagging tools and computerised systems to let you keep track of your assets. But it can also be used to monitor asset conditions, schedule maintenance and improve lifecycle management.

Many asset tracking tools come with asset tracking software to digitise the data into a database that you can access anywhere. This data tracks information like asset value locations, maintenance history, location history and user history. Asset tracking software in the UK is industry-leading in its standards.

How Does Asset Tracking Work?

The way asset tracking works is that assets are fixed with tagging tools that can then be tracked. The tools include things like barcodes. Each asset is given a unique identification code which is then recorded into a system with all the relevant data attached to it. These assets can then be monitored remotely or with scanners, so you can have instant access to all the data about that asset, including its location.

Asset tracking can be used to monitor a supply chain, or ensure that all work-related equipment is present and accounted for at the end of a workday.

Advantages of Asset Tracking

The overall purpose of asset tracking is to increase efficiency and save on costs. By increasing the visibility of your assets, you can keep a close eye on them as they move throughout the workplace and between sites. You will be able to pinpoint where an asset went missing or incurred damage so you can put contingency plans in place to prevent it from happening again.

You will also have access to a lot of data that is collected accurately. With this data, you can generate fixed asset reports to use for budgeting, and make changes to business operations that have been backed by reliable data.

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Asset Tracking Software from GSM

At GSM Barcoding, we have many years of experience providing asset tracking systems for businesses. You can take advantage of our G-Smart Assets, a web-based asset tracking system. Forget error-prone manual spreadsheets, our system will track your assets within a secure, centralised system hosted remotely in the cloud or on-premises. It is ideal for tracking your assets, monitoring their usage and maintenance across multiple locations.

Use the live web-based tracking system to see exactly where your assets are at any given time. You can drive down costs incurred through loss and theft, improve the utilisation of assets and better plan for preventative maintenance to account for breakdowns and repairs, reducing the amount of downtime.

At GSM, we can offer you an asset tracking software solution to meet your specific business needs and provide cost-effective integration into your existing system. You can easily build a complete asset register to know exactly what assets you have, where they are located, and each asset’s history. Our system works across multiple devices, so you can use a handheld computer or mobile device to audit and scan barcode asset tags into the database.

Your database will be kept up to date in real-time, providing complete visibility across the entire business. With customisable reports on asset history, details of missing assets, locations and more, you can take advantage of all the advanced features to suit all your tracking needs.

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For loaned assets, our system can be used to include return date notifications, so you can be alerted to any overdue loaned items and given maintenance checklists for checking the condition of returned items. You can also effectively manage planned preventative maintenance scheduling to ensure that assets are in safe working conditions and reduce breakdowns, maximising uptime and increasing profitability and productivity.

If you’d like to learn more about any of our asset tracking systems, do not hesitate to contact us.

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