The Benefits of Digital Printing

Creating a brand that is attractive to potential consumers is vital from the first moment they encounter your company, right up until they make a purchase from you, and even beyond that. That’s why it’s important to make an unforgettable first impression through attractive and eye-catching labels on your product; if you’re hoping to get someone to make a purchase, you have to compel them to do so.

Three labels over white, decorative element barcode tags

To achieve this, it’s important to select a method of printing that is of a high quality to meet, and even exceed, the expectations and competition in today’s market. The method you choose should minimise your cost and time, without compromising on quality.

Digital printing is a method that produces vivid, high quality labels that can be used for any project, but what are some of the other many advantages?

Consistently High Quality

Vibrant product labels can grab the attention of your consumers, which is vital for raising brand awareness and compelling people to take a closer look.

Certain types of digital presses can produce resolutions of nearly double what a traditional flexographic press can, and delivers a label with a crisp, clear image in life-like colours.

You Can Save On Time

Since no plates are required for this method of printing, you won’t have to pay for a printing plate for each colour on a label. No plates also equates to a shorter set-up time, meaning your labels can be printed faster.

You Can Save On Cost

As you’re not paying for plates and additional set-up time, the cost for digital printing labels is much less for short run labels, as compared to the flexographic method of printing.

Only Order What You Need

For small quantities of custom labels, the benefit of printing digitally is maximized because you can order only the amount of labels you will need immediately, rather than ordering labels in bulk to get the best price.

Barcode label printer. Barcode for use - no copyright issues as constructed

Be Flexible with Your Design

If you decide that your label needs adjusting to better attract your target audience, the cost of reprinting can affect your bottom line. New plates will need to be configured and set-up charges will again apply. But with digital printing, there are no plate or set-up fees, so your labels can be printed right away.

It’s Popular for A Reason

Digital printing is popular across many markets because it can print 1,000 custom labels with each individual label containing different information. This capability, known as variable data printing, opens great new creative possibilities for customising labels as you can add names from a database, consecutive numbers, multiple barcodes, or even print multiple versions of the same label.

Here at GSM Barcoding, we design and supply barcode labels in various sizes and substrates to meet your exact requirements. Digitally printed with sequential numbers of your choosing, or part-printed, our stickers are available via rolls or sheets – when and where you need them. You can also purchase a barcode printer from us.

Our team of experts have more than 40 years’ experience designing and printing labels for some of the largest multinationals in the UK. So why not get in touch with a member of our friendly team today for more information about our label design and print service?

To learn more about this and the technologies that can help you stand apart from the competition, increase your productivity and improve your warehousing, download the full, free report below:


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