Introducing the Honeywell PX940 Printer at GSM

As a brand, Honeywell has always been defined by its innovation when it comes to creating technology that provides productivity solutions. And we’re delighted to announce that we will now be stocking the latest that Honeywell has to offer. The PX940 Industrial Printer.

PX940 Industrial Printer

Developed for companies that must ensure they comply with regulatory standards; this industrial printer is available with integrated label verification for error-free printing. Here’s everything you need to know about this newest addition to the range of Honeywell products we stock here at GSM.

Integrated Label Verification

Unreadable barcodes are a big problem. Many industries have regulations that are required of their barcodes, such as transportation and logistics, healthcare, shipping and distribution, manufacturing and the automotive industry.

Failure to uphold these regulations can lead to companies being fined for non-compliance to regulatory standards, which in turn can lead to them being removed from preferred supplier lists and creative negative audit findings from regulatory agencies, as well as create additional costs triggered by returned shipments.

Well, that’s where the PX940 series comes in. It prints barcodes that are 100% readable every time. Its pass/fail and ANSI grades ensure that unsuitable labels that do not meet the threshold of regulatory standards are voided and a new label is reprinted, ensuring every barcode is suitable for use.

Edge Intelligence

The PX940 is designed with operational intelligence software to provide predictive analytics and data on the printer’s health, so managers overseeing their printer fleet will be able to proactively prevent issues, ensuring the printers are running to maximum efficiency.

Thanks to the smart printing capabilities of the PX940, the printer’s settings can be configured without the need for a host computer, allowing you to use it without unnecessary setup. It can also be updated remotely so you can gain workflow insights, lowering maintenance costs and improving operational efficiencies.

Precision Printing

The PX940 provides unmatched precision printing up to +/- 0.3 mm. This allows the PX940 not to be restricted by size, as it will accurately print on small labels, edge to edge with high precision, virtually eliminating poor-quality, unreadable labels. With an ability to print on such small labels, the PX940 is ready to address the trend towards miniaturisation, allowing companies to be prepared for all kinds of label applications.

Two Models

The PX940 is available in two models, one with the integrated verifier and an option without. Both models are available with standard features such as Bluetooth, integrated USB, R2-232, Ethernet and smart printing. These printers can support a wide range of media, including ink-in and ink-out ribbons with one-inch core size, enabling maximum time between media resupply.

The PX940 has a fast print speed of up to 350 mm/s (14 isp), which ensures that the printer can keep up with the demands of a fast-paced, dynamic environment.


The PX940 is highly intuitive and straightforward to operate. Its 3.5-inch colour multilingual touchscreen interface, quick side loading design and built-in printhead cleaning routine provide optimal print quality and allows the machine a longer printhead life.

The printer includes several wizards that can be used for quick and easy setup. They take you through the printer functions such as media loading, ribbon loading, media set up and print quality, so you can get the PX940 up and printing in no time at all.

The PX940 supports a number of different command languages and language simulator support options:

  • Autosense
  • Direct Protocol
  • Fingerprint
  • IPL
  • ZSim
  • DPL
  • Smart Printing

With its integrated label verification technology and intelligent software, the PX940 industrial printer gives customers 100% readable printed barcodes, predictive analytics and a lower overall cost of ownership.

PX940 Industrial Printer

At GSM Barcoding, we are proud to supply an extensive range of barcode label printing technology. Whether you’re looking for label design software that can create simple and complex compliance labels in a flash, or label printers – like the PX940 – to print labels, cards, RFID tags and more, or label automation so you can have complete control of your barcode label printing from anywhere, then GSM has the right products for you and your business.

To learn more about the PX940, or any of our other printers, asset tracking systems, scanners, mobile computers or software, contact us today. We’d be happy to offer assistance and answer any of your questions.

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