The Importance of Barcoding in The Supply Chain: Rolls-Royce

Barcodes are often a forgotten component; but those seemingly insignificant numbers, lines and monochrome patterns pack a powerful punch, with plenty of benefits to be gained. From customer service all the way to branding and the supply chain, the barcode can be a vital component in many industries; just as it is with the well-known and respected brand that is Rolls Royce.

The renowned brand, famous for their prestigious array of cars, also develop plenty more extraordinary technologies too – their quest has taken them to finding expertise in internal combustion engines to providing the worlds most powerful and efficient aero-engines.

They are now at the forefront of innovative research and development to produce state-of-the-art electromechanical and hybrid power systems. And GSM Barcoding are helping them do that….

Meeting Requirements as a Business: Global Supplier Portal

Meeting the demands within any business – from clients, customers, suppliers and more – can be a challenge. For Rolls Royce suppliers, meeting the stringent requirements certainly are.

GSM have been working with Rolls-Royce since 1994 to ensure that suppliers in the Aerospace and Defence industry meet the correct labelling requirements set out by Rolls-Royce SABRe supply chain programme.

SABRe (Supplier Management System Requirements) is the supplier facing element of the Rolls-Royce quality management system. The purpose of this is to formally communicate Rolls-Royce requirements and expectations to the global supply chain. It ensures that the global supply chain protects packages and labels all the products received by Rolls-Royce correctly so as to optimise productivity and to reduce any risk of errors.

The Rolls-Royce Global Supplier Portal is the supplier’s access point element of the entire management system and is applicable to all suppliers or partners who supply products and services or Rolls Royce contracts or purchase any orders.

Labelling Requirements under SABRe

All suppliers to Rolls Royce must ensure that packaging is labelled to a standard that provides easy and adequate identification and makes sure that the product is traceable. Manufacturers and part suppliers to the brand must make sure that the packaging is supplied in agreement with the two basic categories of packaging labels and receipt labels.

Protection, Packaging and Labelling

Rolls Royce have a specific document detailing every area exactly regarding the labelling requirements, from exceptions to receipt labels and beyond. The purpose of the document is to formally communicate the expectations to the global supply chain when it comes to any product being shipped to Rolls-Royce.

The document states that the supplier shall ensure the products are protected, packaged, and labelled in accordance with the requirements to provide adequate protection against damage, deterioration and tampering.

The labelling requirements states the categories in which the labels need to comply with. This also shows the barcode label which needs to be standardised for all printed labels. A 1-D barcode should be provided for each serial number, accompanied by man-readable text.

Barcode Label Printing Formats, Labels and Receipt Manifest

Rolls-Royce packaging label information adhered to a specific formation with certain information which must be present on all barcode label printings.

The supplier must make sure that the primary packaging label is attached to the primary package and that all the layers of the package are labelled. They must conform to the specific label format and comply with the 1-D barcode standards. These are detailed in Section 7.4.3 of the SABRe document and is a minimum requirement.

GSM Barcoding ensure that the labels conform to the format and comply with all the standards.

Each year, Rolls-Royce adopt a new colour strip which suppliers must adhere to for their products to be accepted by the company. GSM ensure that we have the correct labels for each colour strip change-over.

The receipt labels from Rolls Royce also ensure that any deliveries are processed quickly, utilising labels incorporating barcodes. The supplier must attach a label specified in two categories – e-manifest suppliers and non-e-manifest suppliers. There are also specific directions to where to place the labels.

Many businesses require specific barcode label printing solutions for their suppliers to ensure streamlined and efficient procedures; identification of packages, traceability, security, to optimise productivity and reduce any error risk. Certainly, in this type of industry, there is no room for error when it comes to the supply chain, receiving and sending packages globally.

GSM are proud to be able to provide a consistent and timely supply of the correct labels where and when Rolls Royce need them. And we can do the same for you…

If you would like to know more about the labels you need for your Rolls-Royce supply contracts, you can get in touch with one of our specialist advisors today. However, if you are just looking for advice on your barcode label software or barcode label printing for any specific supply chain requirement, our team would be more than happy to help. You can also order your free label samples today to see just how we can tailor our services to your needs.

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