How Your Warehouse Can Benefit from Wearable Computers

Here at GSM Barcoding, we are passionate about our customers. We like keeping them up to date with the latest technology to make their businesses run smoothly. We are always on the lookout for new tech to add to our ever-growing stocklist, and we pride ourselves on providing you with only the best quality products for you are your business.

In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing one of the many pieces of hardware we stock at GSM Barcoding – our wearable computers. We will look into what they are, how they work, and how you can implement them into your warehouse. We will also explore the benefits you can expect from wearable computers and provide some information on one of the models we stock – the Zebra WT6000.

Computer technology in a warehouse setting

What Is a Wearable Computer?

Wearable technology includes any technology that connects to the internet via a wireless network whilst attached to your body. This could be your wrist, around the neck, on a headband, or any other body part or piece of worn clothing. They were initially manufactured for use in warehouses to give staff members the same freedom as mobile computers but with increased ease.

The features of wearable computers differ from brand to brand, but generally, they are small devices fitted your body or clothing. Usually, they are built to be durable and can be dropped, bashed, or knocked around without causing any damage, which is perfect for a warehouse environment.

Wearable computers are a fantastic choice for people working in warehouses, and GSM Barcoding can provide you with exactly what you need. Explore our website to find the best barcode warehouse management systems. Alternatively, get in touch with our friendly team to find out what we can do for you.

Worker managing stock in a warehouse using a computer

The Benefits of Wearable Computers

Wearable computers are advantageous for a variety of reasons, particularly for warehouse staff members. Let’s take a look at a few of their benefits:

  • Increased Productivity. Because of the efficiency offered by wearable technology, productivity in the warehouse is increased. Staff no longer need to stop to pick up and put down their computers while completing their daily tasks, and some wearable computer vendors even claim that they can increase productivity by 30%.
  • Improved Safety. Employees hands are not occupied by holding a device, leaving them free to give the task at hand their full attention. This increases the safety in the warehouse as staff members won’t be trying to carry multiple items alongside their computer – reducing the chances of dropping items or being unable to catch themselves if they fall.
  • Convenience. Overall, wearable computers are much more convenient for warehouse staff due to the reasons discussed, such as carrying multiple items at once without worrying about carrying a device.
  • Cost Reductions. Due to the speed that wearable computers provide, labour costs could be reduced as more work can be completed in a shorter amount of time. Additionally, because of the rugged, durable materials used to make wearable technology, there will be less need to upgrade equipment and pay for damage repairs.
  • Decrease in Human Error. As mentioned, wearable computers allow for staff member’s hands to be free. Because of this, they will be more focused and able to concentrate on each task, leading to the decline of human error.

All About the Zebra WT6000

Here at GSM Barcoding, we offer a range of warehouse hardware designed to make your warehouse run smoothly, including those by renowned printing, scanning, and barcoding company Zebra. The Zebra technologies we stock on our website include the Zebra WT6000 – a wearable computer that can provide all of the discussed benefits and more.

Zebra WT6000 wearable computer

It is one of the smallest and lightest models on the market, so once fitted to your wrist, it will go completely unnoticed and never get in the way of your working day. Its mounting technology helps it to slide comfortably onto anyone’s wrist, no matter their size. The Zebra WT6000 runs on Android, so expect intuitive graphical applications and a user-friendly interface while efficiently keeping track of stock and managing your warehouse. With a touch screen and optional keyboard, the Zebra WT6000 works for everyone and is guaranteed to improve your warehouse’s working day regarding employee satisfaction, productivity, and safety. The Zebra WT6000 is available online at GSM Barcoding – enquire today and find out what we can do for you.

Wearable Computers at GSM Barcoding

At GSM Barcoding, we offer a variety of hardware, software, and barcoding services. As well as Zebra, we are proud to stock an extensive list of brands, so no matter what you’re looking for, we can provide it. Included in this list is Honeywell, who offer a range of scanners and printers designed with simplicity in mind. Please take a look at our Honeywell scanners available on our website today. Additionally, browse our range of Zebra barcode scanners and more of our Zebra technologies online and get in touch with our friendly team to enquire about our products, services and Sage inventory management.

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