How Barcoding is Essential for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has a wide variety of needs regarding patient care and administration. Hospital administrators can use Auto-ID solutions for both accuracy and efficiency in healthcare, ensuring real-time visibility over every aspect of hospital management. Supply chain control and asset management are concerns which need to be addressed, and barcoding solutions guarantee optimised processes of patient ID, communications of medical administration, specimen collection, and pharmacy management.

Here at GSM Barcoding, we provide expert solutions tailored to your needs, including wristband printers, relational database software, and Wireless LAN. Amongst these solutions, you will be able to increase patient safety and be cost-efficient.


Auto-ID Healthcare Solutions

Barcoding and RFID data are utilised in Auto-ID for healthcare solutions to provide increased accuracy and productivity in clinics and hospitals. Data collection is automated and, working alongside relational database software, it allows for the tracking of inventory levels and locations, the management of patient admissions processes, the control of access and security through smart cards, and the tracking of assets like hospital beds and medical equipment.

Having connected barcode devices in a wireless network offers fast and accurate data processing. In addition, there is a complete visibility of all administrative processes in your medical facility.


Patient Tracking and Pharmacy Management

Patient care can be made easier through RFID technology and barcoding, as every patient can be assigned an ID wristband for ease of tracking. Every ID wristband will have a unique barcode, helping to reduce any risk of improper medical administration, missing vital patient information, and speeding up the patient throughput.

Both independent laboratories and hospitals can benefit from this technology, as specimens can be quickly identified and tracked with barcodes. Human error can occur through manual labelling of samples, but barcoding technology allows for quick scanning against patients’ records.

Similarly, ensuring that the right patients receive the right medication is vital. Barcoding technology greatly reduces dispensing mistakes and errors, which, in turn, can speed up pharmacy services and permit the quick access to record information.


Wireless Communications for Staff

Hospitals and clinics benefit from wireless communication, as the busy environment requires a quick way of addressing the needs of every patient. Having all of the important information at hand through mobile communication allows for medical staff and patients to have an easy and quick way of communicating. Patient care and productivity for areas such as physiotherapy can be a great advantage for both in-hospital use and beyond.

We can provide remote patient monitoring, wireless connectivity on-site, patients’ wireless LAN, and mobile devices for data collection. At GSM Barcoding, we can help you to find wireless solutions for your facilities, ensuring that you have everything you need to succeed. From data capture devices to wireless networking and mobile device management software, your medical facility will have a healthcare solution to help both staff and patients.

Having the right barcoding solutions is vital for medical care to accurately be provided, reducing human errors and guaranteeing that your medical facilities have state-of-the-art tracking software. Get in touch with us today to know more about how we can help you.

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