How a Wireless Survey Can Boost Productivity

Manufacturing industry connected through wireless devices

When running a busy warehouse, staying on top of everything may seem daunting as there are so many factors to consider. One of the most crucial workplace practices is productivity, as a productive environment means employees are happy, work is completed quickly, and a high standard is maintained. There are various factors to consider to boost your warehouse’s productivity; one of the quickest ways is through a wireless survey.

When operating a mobile picking service with handheld mobile barcode scanners, they must perform to the best of their ability. They can only do that with strong, consistent wireless internet connections across your site.

That is why, in today’s blog, we’re taking a look at how a wireless survey works by explaining what it is and how it can benefit you and your warehouse.

What is a Wireless Survey?

A wireless site survey maps out your Wi-Fi requirements with a professional site inspection. A site surveyor will visit your warehouse, not relying on your site’s remote hypothesis. Instead, they will walk the site layout to map it in person and see first-hand the challenges it needs to overcome.  This walkthrough will map out your warehouse, considering its design, then couples this information with an assessment of your wireless usage patterns to find the best solution for your site.

Wi-Fi Designed Specifically for Your Site

To begin, a test computer is positioned in the warehouse. Our team use the Pro Survey software on this computer to show you a map of your site. The surveyor uses handheld scanners, warehouse barcode scanners, mobile barcode apps on phones and PDA scanners to get an accurate, realistic view of the Wi-Fi across your site. The equipment used will be the tools your operatives use daily, so the survey results are tailored to your needs.  The survey results will give you an idea of where the Wi-Fi in your warehouse is weaker and provide ideas on improving the signal and Wi-Fi access points.

Warehouse worker using a mobile device in the warehouse

Creating Consistency for your Wi-Fi Network

Many factors can affect the signal strength across your warehouse. For example, the Wi-Fi access points can be blocked by tall shelves, dark corners, beams, and temperature changes. In addition, there can be too strong a signal in other areas, which can overwhelm the receivers when working with handheld receivers. With a site survey, you can find these problem areas and receive advice on what resolutions can solve your connectivity problems.

How a Strong Signal Boosts Productivity

Suppose complete downtime occurs because of a warehouse’s poor Wi-Fi setup.  It’s easy to calculate what impact that will have on your business. Waiting for barcodes to scan and products to register on the picking software or staff waiting for more details on what needs picking next will slow down the number of items picked. For example, if your warehouse operatives pick on average of 200 items per hour and there are 50 warehouse operatives, you will pick 10,000 fewer items for each hour your systems are down. It’s harder to understand what impact a slow signal has on your productivity, but it’s reasonable to assume it will have a significant effect.  

The Importance of a Strong Signal for Security and Safety

When you rely on wireless devices for your business, you require control over them and the network they are using at all times of the day. A wireless site survey can help identify areas where your devices or network is open to cyber-attacks. With the survey results, you can implement changes that minimise the chance of downtime, stolen data or disruptions to your operation. A strong signal can offer a more secure network and less risk to your business and customers.

Two warehouse workers using mobile devices

Wireless Surveys at GSM Barcoding

Here at GSM Barcoding, we offer a 100% guarantee success rate for wireless surveys and provide a rounded perspective on the specification of your wireless network. As a result, our wireless site surveys offer accurate and realistic results. We do this by conducting the survey on the proposed device, such as a barcode scanner or mobile computer, not a laptop, as these results can differ dramatically and not offer authentic results.

What Makes GSM Barcoding Different

As mentioned, GSM Barcoding takes a personal, professional approach to wireless surveys. As specialists in barcode warehouse management, we provide the ideal partnership for your organisation as it embarks on implementing or improving your wireless network.

We’re experts in our field and have spent over 40 years in the industry. During this time, we have gained priceless experience and knowledge that makes us stand out from others in the manufacturing and warehouse solutions sector. To find out more about our services, including asset tracking, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and a member of our team will be more than happy to help you out.

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