Efficient Label Printing With BarTender Cloud

Accurate labelling operations are essential for many organisations, as inaccurate results will create escalating problems throughout your internal and external processes. Read on to discover what BarTender Cloud will do for you.

What is BarTender Cloud?

BarTender Cloud is a comprehensive label management solution that assists businesses with label printing and design needs. It is a wireless system designed to have minimal impact with maximum results for label management. After a straightforward installation, businesses are able to design and print labels from anywhere, anytime, using an intuitive web-based interface.

With this next-generation system, your organisation will be able to have impressive features, such as:

  • Print and manage your bespoke barcode labels efficiently
  • Streamline your label design with a convenient library of compliant templates
  • The Data Connection Assistant will ensure your operator’s data entry is accurate every time
  • REST API features enable BarTender to integrate fully into your existing systems and spreadsheets.

BarTender Cloud from Seagull Scientific is a prime example of a beneficial SaaS (software as a service) system. It is an excellent addition to your operations and can be found in our catalogue of label printing software available here at GSM Barcoding.

Benefits of Choosing BarTender Cloud Software

BarTender Software offers many beneficial features; here are some examples of why more businesses choose BarTender Cloud for their labelling needs.

Convenient Wireless Printing and Design

BarTender Cloud offers an intuitive, web-based interface that allows businesses to design and print labels from anywhere. This means you can manage your label printing needs from a centralised location, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring consistency across all your label printing. In addition, with BarTender Cloud, you can add your company branding to customise your labels and make them stand out.

Reduced Costs and Improved Efficiency

It eliminates expensive hardware and software installations, as no additional equipment is needed when choosing BarTender Cloud. This has the added benefit of reducing IT maintenance costs related to new hardware and freeing up your IT team’s time to focus on more critical business operations. Additionally, you only pay for what you print, making your label expenses more efficient long-term.

BarTender Cloud will save your business time and resources by automating label printing and design processes, reducing manual labour and the risk of human error. This will help your business improve efficiency and productivity, allowing your team to focus on other areas that cannot be automated.

Reliable Compliance and Security

Robust security features are built into BarTender Cloud, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your label designs and data. It is hosted on Microsoft Azure, a secure and reliable cloud platform that offers industry-standard security features and compliance certifications. It provides high 99.9% availability and FIPS-compliant encryption, regular penetration testing, and vulnerability scanning for the strongest security. Additionally, BarTender Cloud provides audit trails and version control features that help businesses meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Sectors That Are Using BarTender Cloud

Improving efficiency is a constant goal for any organisation, leading to increased productivity. To meet this goal, organisations and businesses that rely on accurate labels, such as E-Commerce and retail, are investing in BarTender Cloud to be a centralised label management solution, but they are not the only ones. Here are some examples of other sectors benefiting from BarTender Cloud.

Warehouse Storage and Fulfilment

BarTender Cloud is an ideal solution for warehouses looking to streamline their labelling processes. With on-the-spot printing capabilities, warehouse staff can quickly and easily print labels, including work-in-process, pick lists, distribution, receiving, asset tracking, and baggage tagging labels.

This allows for greater flexibility in the warehouse, as staff quickly print labels as needed, rather than relying on pre-printed labels or waiting for labels to arrive from a central location. Additionally, BarTender Cloud’s cloud-based platform allows easy access to label templates, making customising labels to meet specific warehouse needs simple. With BarTender Cloud, warehouses can improve their labelling processes, reduce errors, and increase productivity, all while saving time and money.

Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturers looking to standardise their labelling processes across multiple locations choose BarTender Cloud as a practical solution due to its versatile cloud-based systems. With BarTender Cloud, manufacturers create their centralised label templates that will be customised and distributed to multiple facilities, ensuring consistency in labelling across the entire organisation.

BarTender Cloud can help manufacturers improve their asset and facility management processes, enhance traceability, and increase efficiency by providing a centralised platform for labelling and traceability. BarTender Cloud’s traceability labelling capabilities enable manufacturers to track products and assets throughout the supply chain, helping to maintain compliance with industry regulations and standards. Ultimately, this can lead to improved product quality, increased customer satisfaction, and a more profitable manufacturing operation.


With BarTender Cloud, hospitality businesses create customised label templates perfect for adapting daily activities. This can be particularly beneficial for hotels and restaurants that frequently change their menu items or have seasonal offerings. BarTender Cloud is also used for labelling other assets within the hospitality industry, such as linens, uniforms, and amenities. BarTender Cloud helps hospitality organisations improve their operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase profitability by providing a centralised platform for labelling and traceability.

BarTender Cloud Label Design at GSM Barcoding

At GSM Barcoding, we offer a comprehensive label design software team that works closely with clients to create custom label designs and ensure successful deployment. Our skilled technical consultants have decades of experience in the industry and have access to BarTender Cloud software developers to provide the best possible solutions, and we know that BarTender software will provide this.

Contact our experienced team for assistance in selecting the right BarTender edition and sign up for the free 30-day trial. Then, try all these significant features and more with our full-featured Enterprise Edition for 30 days at no cost and discover the benefits for yourself.

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