Current and Future Uses of Vehicle Mounted Barcode Computers

When you look into any warehouse operation, particularly on a larger scale, you may catch a glimpse of a vehicle-mounted terminal. These technological marvels are used in a similar way to any barcode computer system, however they can increase efficiency across the facility.

In a world full of innovative technology, we are constantly seeing change. The question of what the future holds for barcoding and barcoding computers, especially vehicle mounted barcode computers, is on the tip of our tongues.

It’s fair to say that vehicle-mounted barcode computers are engineering genius – making the way we work much more streamlined. We know that these machines can improve productivity and reduce errors, from the docks to the yard, but where will we see them next?

So, besides the use within warehouses, where may we see vehicle mounted barcode computers, and what does the future hold for these handy contraptions?

vehicle mounted barcode computers are making the way we work much more streamlined

Current Uses of Vehicle Mounted Barcode Computers

Mobile computing is everywhere. Pretty much every click of button and scan of a barcode is done on the move now – and in fact, it’s a must-have feature for the majority of warehouses today. Our warehouses are always on the go and the supply chain is more complex than ever.

Currently, vehicle-mounted barcode technology is mostly used on forklifts and other vehicles working in a warehouse, but are also used within the transport industry and for departing and arriving planes for scanning baggage. They allow businesses to meet the demanding and fast-paced work environment.

What Does the Future Hold for Vehicle-Mounted Barcode Computers?

It’s all well to state where the technology is now, but when we know of the bigger picture and the fact that technology is being adapted every day, it’s hard to ignore the fact that vehicle-mounted barcode systems may be next. We didn’t think that we would be using telephones to order taxis, food or clothes, or be able to make calls through our watches, but it happened. So, what are some possibilities?

  • Self-Driving Taxi

While this controversial service isn’t in our midst yet, it wouldn’t be surprising to find them on our doorstep soon. There has been much speculation surrounding them, but as self-driving cars could allow us to read, watch films and relax as we are chauffeured to our destination, it’s not a surprise that everyone is getting excited about them. It’s even been announced that driverless lorries could be on Britain’s motorways soon. It is being described as the next industrial revolution.

Could there possibly be mounted barcode computers in the future systems? Scan and go? Just as the way Uber works now, it could be a great solution to scan your phone, debit/credit card or Uber card and be automatically charged. We wonder if this could be possible in the near future.

  • Pizza Anyone?

Talking of self-driving cars, there are now apparently automatic cars delivering pizza – no passenger, just a ham and pineapple pizza. Would this just be a case of a vehicle-mounted barcode computer – scan your pizza and dig in? Or maybe the car would use the computer system to scan itself? Who knows where this combination could take us.

  • Other Vehicles

While at the moment the only vehicles these systems are mounted to are forklifts or warehouse machinery, who says they can’t be utilised on other types of vehicles? Just as the technology within barcoding is evolving, so is transport itself. We now have drones for delivery robots; maybe they could do your weekly shop for you?

The tube and buses in London use a similar system – we scan and hop on, so who’s to say this won’t go worldwide, and for all types of future transport, from planes to trains and drones. With the way that transport development is going, we may need a new solution.

  • Market Solutions

Everyone at some point now has probably used a self-checkout and whether you are a lover or hater, we have to admit that they do help with efficiency and cutting queues. Maybe the future of this is for mobile self-checkouts? A vehicle-mounted barcode computer could be on your bicycle, or even just in your handbag; scan your items at the market, leave, and within hours your self-driving car could drop your products off.

Why not go beyond scanning with a mobile computer for data processing and improved communication?

Warehouse worker operating a vehicle mounted barcode computer
The team at GSM Barcoding are at the forefront of barcode system developments and can help you cut through all the technical jargon. Whether you are looking for a vehicle-mounted barcode computer, a mobile barcode app or barcode label printing, we can help. Contact us for more information today. We look forward to bringing you into the future of business.

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