Barcoding and the Modern Commerce World

Invented in 1948 by Norman Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver, barcoding was developed to provide a fast and efficient way of automatically reading information about products during checkout. The modern commercial world has increased the demand for efficient barcoding solutions and regulation systems.


Barcodes in Online Shopping

With the increase in online shopping, the need for optimisation of product information has never been higher. Technology is in constant evolution and development, providing innovative ways of answering modern demands. Improving profitability in commerce is a continuous and unchangeable requirement in both the physical and the online shopping world.

Distributors and warehouse companies have a vast amount of stock to control and, in an increasingly demanding industry, a well-organised system is required. Barcoding remains an easy and efficient way of reading information and controlling stock. In the supply chain, a small error can be costly and result in a huge loss of profit; barcoding ensures the absence of human mistakes, as a simple scan provides all the relevant information about the products.

Amazon is one of the biggest online sellers, and they utilise an iOS app to guarantee consumers easily match product barcodes to their stock. Consumers easily scan or take a photo of the barcode of a product to search within the wide range of products Amazon provides.

The Future of Barcoding

The merging of physical and digital commerce will result in the optimisation of barcodes. As the Internet of Things (IoT) connects all smart devices together, both suppliers and consumers will have a need for improved barcoding solutions. Stock Control Software allows for you to track your inventory in an efficient manner.

Consumers search for optimised buying experiences for easy ordering online, and companies such as Amazon provide solutions that meet consumers’ demand. Wireless technology is being utilised to ensure warehouse employees work quicker and more efficiently. By 2020, there will be a significant increase in shipped items with barcodes, from 66% in 2015 to 82% in 2020.

Barcoding is here to stay, guaranteeing ease of stock control and decreased mistakes in the supply chain to provide consumers with a high-quality shopping experience. As leaders in barcoding systems, here at GSM Barcoding, we understand the necessity of optimised systems. Get in touch with us on 01582 869 000 to know more about our products; we’re always happy to answer any query you might have.

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