What are Mobile Barcode Apps and How Can They Benefit You?

Barcode data collection holds lots of power – especially when you utilise a mobile barcode app to their full potential. With the use of mobile barcoding software apps, you can flexibly track and trace almost anything. Products such as GoBarcodes app suite from GSM Barcoding means you can implement a versatile barcode tracking system, all within one single hand-held scanner.

With the workforce going mobile, your business needs to be more flexible and move with the changes within many industries. With the right mobile device management solution, you can make your work structure much more efficient. But what are the benefits of utilising these incredibly handy mobile barcode apps?

Mobile Barcode

Dynamic Scan Mobile Barcoding App

The Dynamic scan app allows for flexible barcoding track and trace solutions. With up to 30 editable fields, the structure of the app enables you to customise or track almost anything. As a standalone solution, the dynamic scan app comes preloaded on the Datalogic Memor X3 mobile computer, ready for use straight out of the box. This means no expensive software installation – the Go-Barcode dynamic scan is already installed and ready to go.

Without needing a network connection, this app is perfect for small businesses who require a degree of flexibility in their software apps. Large businesses can also benefit as they can use the mobile tracking system independently to their existing IT system.

The Stock Solo Mobile Barcoding App

For a low cost and user-friendly barcoding solution, the stock-solo app is perfect, specifically for small to medium businesses. As with the dynamic scanning app, this is ready to go straight away. It is pre-installed on the latest Zebra and Datalogic mobile computers by our experts, which means no time spent setting up scanners, or stress-inducing fuss integrating data and synching with your network. The stock-solo app allows you to scan from the get-go, saving all of your data safely within the mobile computer. It also outputs data via CSV files for you to import and process when necessary.

As a fully mobile solution, this app can manage stock across your business and beyond with location management, stock audits and even booking in/out of stock. It can track where your stock is at all times, stock levels and much more!

Go-Barcoding for Flexibility

The Go-Barcoding suite provides a great platform for data capture across a wide range of industries and business uses. Our team at GSM barcoding have used the software to develop numerous modules for specific areas including data matching, wholesale stock, label certification, luggage tracker and many more. The flexibility of these applications lend themselves to many different situations, most effectively where there is a need for flexible data entry on a single device.

There’s no doubt that you can increase speed, accuracy and efficiency with the use of mobile barcoding apps.

The Future of Retail

You may have seen larger shopping centres and supermarkets such as Asda and Tesco implementing a mobile barcode app. Many are calling this the future of retail. EPOS systems are quickly evolving to use this innovative technology, allowing customers to avoid the checkouts and save time. This could be the solution to expanding the shopping experience and even receiving personalised offers, synchronizing with loyalty cards, and tracking your budget when you shop.

The mobile barcoding apps that are being used for this can provide the customer with a range of helpful information such as the location in the store of specific products, any related promotions on their favourite products and so much more.

The innovative use of mobile barcode apps for retail is proving a success, with happy customers and increased sales being reported.

Electronic Barcoding

In the Industry

Oxkem, one of the leading chemical manufacturing companies in the UK, use mobile barcoding apps in their daily operations. The sales and logistics manager has given the barcoding solution plenty of praise and now finds it extremely easy to locate stock and control goods:

Along with easy to use multi-location stock control G-SMart Stock has given us excellent batch traceability of materials across our production and supply processes. The system has easily fitted in with our internal processes benefiting all departments.”

Are you looking for the ideal mobile barcode scanning solution? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today for more information or to request a free demo.

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