How Does the Customer Benefit From Your Warehouse Management System?

The most imperative aspect of most businesses is excellent customer service and providing perfect-quality products. No matter how big or small your warehouse is, having a successful warehouse management system in place can ensure that your stock is kept organised. This blog will explain how our barcoding processes could take your business to the next level with streamlined fulfilment.

Quality Products

Products and goods are the items you provide to customers; from a reputation standpoint, these must be delivered in excellent condition. To ensure that the products are in impeccable order, an efficient and effective organisation solution will ensure each product is stored with care and in an orderly manner. Our barcoding systems can assist with ensuring staff know where products are and that they are not lost or misplaced, risking them getting damaged in the process.

 When you pride yourself on exceptional service, you want to guarantee that the products and goods you supply are of the best quality. Organisation is key to ensuring the products get from warehouse to customer safely and intact.

Perfect Delivery of the Right Products

Picking errors are a common fault amongst warehouses. It can be down to lack of organisation, lost items or lack of knowledge, leading to staff picking the wrong items in translation. Whichever human error you find most common in your warehouse, our barcode warehouse management systems can assist in ensuring this issue is significantly reduced.

Receiving incorrect orders due to human or picking errors can damage the confidence of your customers, allowing them to consider competitors. With the barcode system, one scan can inform staff of the exact details of a product, enabling you to deliver the correct products every time efficiently.

Speedy Goods Delivery

Our Auto Data Capture system allows instant stock identification and monitoring of its movements through your warehouse. From the moment it is delivered to the second it is shipped, you can check the progress of an item. An efficient barcoding system within your warehouse can reduce the time spent processing orders by up to 50%.

Our systems allow you to access all of the data in real-time, permitting instant access to monitoring and optimising time and resources to the needed areas of the warehouse. Processing goods quicker allows you to focus on and potentially grow other areas of your business. Auto-ID solution speeds up processes and provides greater accuracy and management control.

Great Customer Service

When warehouse operatives make mistakes, struggle to find products and don’t know full product detail, it can lead to stressful work environments. It may take many years before a staff member will remember each product detail and code, making training a challenging and lengthy process. With our warehouse scanning systems, staff will no longer need to spend months learning product detail for enquiries. Having the product details at the ease of scanning the barcode reduces the pressure on your staff and gives them confidence in their work.

Our scanners and mobile computers came in various forms, depending on the need of individual businesses. Our low-cost options allow for data scanning with little or no data editing, where input is the only requirement.

Our more intelligent devices come in the form of a mobile device that allows warehouse operatives to edit, input and access the warehouse management systems. Complete with a full keyboard, Android and bespoke setups designed for your business, productivity will rise, gaining you more time to grow, knowing your operatives can handle the increase.

Stock Take With Ease

Each year, most warehouses will undergo an annual stock take, either to check on stock levels or for an audit; precision in a stock take is imperative for all businesses. Implementing a barcode warehouse management system can vastly improve the accuracy of the process.

While these systems are an incredible way to improve your business, their intelligence and ability advance every year. Implementing this system into your business now will ensure that as the technology improves, your business will already be one step ahead.

If you would like to know more about our barcoding solutions including asset tracking systems or any of our labels including laboratory labels, speak to a team member and contact us today to see how we can help.

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