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      • RFID Printer & Label Bundle
      • Optimised to Print Silverline Labels
      • Track Labels on Liquid and Metal objects
      • Various Size Labels Available

      RFID tagging on-demand from Zebra

      Get RFID printing on demand with the Zebra RFID printer and specialist Silverline RFID tags. This unique bundle from Zebra combines an RFID modified ZT410 printer with specialist Silverline tags to enable a broader tracking of items, including metal surfaces and liquid filled containers. Silverline labels are designed to work on a variety of surfaces which in the past have presented difficult for RFID applications – extending the possibilities of RFID tracking. The Zebra ZT410 printer has been specially modified to enable the running of thick labels through the RFID barcode printer. Coupled together, you are assured of a label printer combination that is built to deliver reliable on-demand printing of RFID labels.

      Custom ZT410 RFID Printer

      The Zebra ZT410 RFID printer is specially modified to print and encode Zebra’s exclusive Silverline labels perfectly. Designed to print labels up 0.8mm thick at 203 DPI, the ZT410 will print a quality Silverline tracking label with your unique encoding. Please specify when ordering that you require the custom ZT410 for the Silverline RFID labels.


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        4.09″/104 mm


        203 dpi resolution


        Up to 14″/356 mm per second


        Optimized to print Silverline labels up to 0.8mm thick.


        Parallel (Bi-direction interface)

        Wireless: Zebranet Printer Server – supports 802.11 a/b/g/n networks

        RS-232 Serial

        10/100 Ethernet

        Bluetooth 2.1

        USB Host

        Optional: Parallel (Bi-directional interface)

        Wireless: ZebraNet® Printer Server – supports 802.11 a/b/g/n networks

        Silverline RFID Media

        Silverline Labels, supplied exclusively through Zebra are available in a number of sizes for meeting the wide requirement of applications.  The Silverline labels are versatile all-surface RFID labels with industry leading printing capabilities and excellent performance.


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          UHF EPC Gen 2 V2/ISO 18000-6C


          Monza 4QT: EPC 128 bit; User 512 bit; TID 96 bit


          Available in either:

          EU 865 – 869 MHz

          US 902 – 928 MHz


          Available in either:

          Silverline: 100 mm W x 40mm H x 0.8 mm thick/ 3.94” W x 1.57” H x 0.03” thick

          Silverline Micro: 55 mm W x 14mm H x 0.8 mm thick/ 2.17” wide x 0.55” high x 0.03” thick

          Silverline Slim: 110 mm W x 13 mm H x 0.8 mm thick/ 4.33” W x 0.51” H x 0.03” thick

          READ RANGE

          Available in either:

          Silverline: Up to 5 m / 16 ft

          Silverline Micro: Up to 1.2 m / 4 ft

          Silverline Slim: Up to 4 m / 13 ft

          Features of Zebra’s RFID Printer Bundle

          Labels That Adhere to Curved Surfaces

          The Silverline labels can be applied to curved and metallic surfaces – ideal for liquid containers and metal surfaces.

           Perfect Combination

          The Zebra ZT410 custom and Silverline labels have been designed by Zebra to work perfectly together.  The redesigned ZT410 RFID printer optimised Silverline labels and high-quality Zebra ribbons combination provides for excellent print quality, encoding accuracy and ease of solution deployment and use.

          Easy to Operate Printer

          Simple multilingual interface and bi-fold doors with clear viewing area enable simple media replacement and user-friendly design.

          On Demand RFID Tagging 

          The Silverline RFID solution from Zebra enables businesses to setup and print asset tags for tracking a wide range of items – on demand.  No specialist pre-printed asset labels are required for day to day labelling as you print and encode what you want when you want.

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