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      • Compact Direct and Thermal Printer
      • One-touch Printing and Encoding
      • Automatic RFID Calibration
      • Future Proof Technology & Design

      Compact and Powerful RFID Desktop Printing

      Flexible and compact, the Zebra ZD500 RFID printer offers unique one-touch encoding and printing technology with advanced features, all in a small desktop printer.  Designed for compatibility, this printer uses the same technology as the leading Zebra industrial printers with link-OS technology for simple integration.  Featuring UHF RFID encoding capabilities, it is ideal for numerous applications such as retail labelling as well as manufacturing, transportation, or healthcare.  The ZD500R printer offers straightforward loading, automatic RFID calibration, making it ideal for application where they may not be technical operators available.

      ZD500R RFID Printer

      Deliver RFID printing to the desktop with the ZD500R RFID printer from Zebra.  Small and packed with features the ZD500R allows you to print RFID labels in front of house applications such as Retail and healthcare with the same powerful technology of the larger industrial RFID printers.  Packed with connectivity options and future proof technology this printer will complement your operations.


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        4.09″/104 mm


        203 dpi resolution

        300 dpi resolution (optional)


        6″/152 mm per second (200 dpi)
        4″/102 mm per second (300 dpi)


        Multi-position gap and moveable black-line media sensors


        RS-232 auto-sensing Serial interface, DB-9 (standard)
        USB V2.0, bi-directional (standard)
        Centronics® Parallel (standard)
        Ethernet—10/100 internal (standard)
        Wireless—802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 3.0 (optional)

        Innovative Features of Zebra’s ZD500R RFID Printer

        Direct & thermal transfer printing

        The ZD500R supports both direct thermal and thermal transfer printing and is compatible with inlays from leading manufacturers.  Being able to print in either mode increases the flexibility for your business should you need to print receipts or longer lasting labels.


        The ZD500R printer offers simple one-touch printing and encoding for fast and easy operation.  The printer also has straightforward loading and automatic RFID calibration – great for simple non-technical operations.

        Easy Compatibility

        Working on the same technology as the Zebra Industrial printers, the ZD500R is compatible with the same applications and with Link-OS integration between printers and systems is simplified.


        The ZD500R can be used with a variety of RFID labels and tags from small, shop tags to large cases and pallet labels.


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