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    • High-Performance RFID Printer
    • Industry Leading Features
    • High Print Speeds
    • Large Media Roll Capacity

    Zebra On Demand RFID Printing

    Print and encode a variety of UHF radio frequency identification smart labels with accuracy and speed with the Zebra R110Xi4 printer.  This industry leading printer is designed to the highest spec to deliver superior flexibility and unique features with a number of benefits.  The R110Xi4 can fulfil a wide range of functions including, small, high resolution (600 DPI) healthcare specimen smart labelling and small item tagging to larger pallet tags.  Designed for maximum usage, this printer has smart sensing technology, reducing the media usage and smart set-up simplicity.  Ideal for large manufacturing and consumer goods, the R110i4 will provide the printing you need when you need it.

    R110XI4 RFID Printer

    The Zebra R110xi4 printer is the industry leading RFID printer for high-volume usage. Designed to optimise media usage and to connect to your manufacturing or transportation network. The R110xi4 printer will print your RFID labels in various sizes utilising the smart sensing technology to great accuracy and speed.


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    4.0″/102 mm


    14″/356 mm per second (203 dpi)
    12″/305 mm per second (300 dpi)
    6″/152 mm per second (600 dpi)


    203 dpi/8 dots per mm
    300 dpi/12 dots per mm
    600 dpi/23.5 dots per mm


    All metal


    ZebraNet 10/100 Print Server—supports 10Base-T, 100Base-TX and fast Ethernet 10/100 auto-switching networks.
    USB 2.0—12 Mbits/second
    High-speed bi-directional parallel interface—IEEE 1284-1994 compatibility, ECP, nibble mode
    High-speed serial interfaces:
    RS-232C with DB9F connector, optional converter for DB25F available
    Optional RS-422/485 with multidrop capability to network multiple printers from a single host with external adapter
    Software (XON/XOFF) or hardware (DTR/DSR) communication handshake protocols
    Applicator interface—with DB15F connector

    Innovative Features of Zebra’s R110XI4 Printers

    Industry Leading Specification

    Designed for high-volume environments, the R110Xi4 printer allows you to encode a range of RFID tags up to 14”/356 mm per second and an impressive 600DPI.  The range of communication methods also allows for direct connection, wireless and network integration.

    Efficient RFID Media Usage

    The Zebra R110xi4 has a unique feature that allows it to print/encode small RFID tags spaced closer together – with a distance pitch as narrow as 0.6”/16mm on most inlays.  Resulting in lower media usage and fewer media roll changes.

    Smart Set-up

    With automatic inlay detection and detection, you can calibrate the printer automatically for optimised printing reducing set-up time.

    Highest Encoding Accuracy

    Critical to RFID tagging is the accuracy and with Zebra Adaptive Encoding Technology, your tags will be encoded and printed with the most accurate module in the industry.

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