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      • Print individual wristbands on demand
      • Easy drop in wristband cartridge
      • Antimicrobial coating
      • Ideal for healthcare and hospitality uses

      Cartridge based Wristband printers from Zebra

      Designed by Zebra with the user in mind, the Zebra HC100 wristband printer is the only printer designed specifically for wristband printing.  The printer makes it simple to print individual wristbands on demand.  Just drop in the wristband cartridge and print wristbands for a range of applications including patient identification and hospitality events.  The printer is simple to set-up and use, with smart technology that senses the wristband-type and auto-calibrates for perfect printing every time.

      HC100 Cartridge Based Wristband Printer

      The Zebra HC100 wristband printer enables user-friendly, trouble free printing with easy to load wristband cartridges.  Ideal for events and hospital applications, the HC100 printer has a small footprint and autosensing technology for a range of wristband types.  With standard USB/Serial connection and optional wireless connectivity, the cartridge wristband printers are ideal for any location.


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        0.75″/19.05 mm

        1″/25.4 mm

        1.1875″/30.16 mm


        300 dpi resolution


        Up to 2″/51 mm per second (Healthcare)

        Up to 4″/102 mm per second (Z-Band Fun & Z-Band Splash)


        Odometer for print-length tracking


        USB and Serial interface (standard)
        Ethernet (optional)
        802.11b/g wireless capability (optional)

        Innovative Features of Zebra’s Wristband Printers

        Designed specifically for wristbands

        The HC100 has been designed specifically for wristband printing with smart sensing technology that automatically adjusts to the size and type of wristband you’re looking to print.  The small design build and Antimicrobial coating make the cartridge based printer ideal for applications ranging from theme parks to hospital wards.

        Easy to load Media Cartridge

        The easy to load Wristband cartridges of the HC100 enables operatives to replace and swap the wristbands quickly and simply.  With Zebra’s advanced auto-sensing technology, the printer identifies which wristband type and auto-calibrates for optimal printing.

        Perfect for hospitality events

        Easy to load and manage the HC100 printer from Zebra provides ease of use and consistent quality of print.  With a range of official Zebra wristbands including waterproof adhesive wristbands and a range of colours, you can be sure to find something for your needs.

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