Printer Trade-Ups: Start 2020 the Smart Way

This year, Zebra is offering a Printer Trade-Up Program where you can trade-up from any thermal printer for a brand-new Zebra printer.

Zebra is one of the high-quality brands we stock at GSM Barcoding. Their range of marking, tracking and computer printing technology are top of the range, they are pioneers in the industry and have provided machines for top companies around the world.

Zebra Printer

Technology is constantly changing, getting better and more effective with every upgrade. Don’t stay stuck with an old thermal printer that runs slowly and breaks down. With Zebra, you can trade-up to the latest in printer technology. Here’s why you should do just that:

Problems with Ageing Printers

Could you afford the downtime if your business’s printer suddenly failed without notice? Could you afford to wait around for new parts to be delivered? An upgraded printer will help you avoid the stress of sudden break downs.

Zebra printers are known for their reliability. However, once a printer has reached its end-of-service life, it can start to cause problems, and spare parts could become difficult to source – there is no guarantee of availability. With a brand-new Zebra printer, you can avoid the uncertainty an old model brings.

A New Make of Printer

Do you not currently have a Zebra printer? Do you use a printer from a different manufacturer? Well, you can still upgrade to a Zebra printer from your old model even from a different manufacturer. But better yet, you don’t even need to use a different command language than what you’re used to; you can transfer it over to the new device with Zebra Link-OS Virtual Devices.

Zebra Link-OS Virtual Devices allow you to use your existing software with a new Zebra printer, so you don’t have to become accustomed to software you’re unfamiliar with. So even if you have a different brand of printer, you could still use the Zebra trade-up program to enjoy a brand-new, reliable printer.

Zebra Printer

Reliable and Easy to Use

Reliability improves as technology develops. As printers become outdated and fall behind, they become unreliable, and they become out-of-support, so it becomes trickier to have them serviced and maintained.

Trading up with Zebra gives you access to their Print DNA software, which is designed to keep your printer running reliably, with a far better range of management applications. Additionally, Zebra printers are designed so that the knowledge of how to use their range is transferable across models.

Most Zebra printers have the same controls, messages and status lights to keep everything consistent in their interface. This allows you and your employees to be more comfortable and confident when transferring to an upgraded printer.

Better Performance

Newer printers perform better. But did you know that this means you can replace multiple older models with a fewer number of higher performance ones? This can help you to optimise time within business operations by reducing the time spent on operational activities.

By refreshing your printer fleet with the latest technology, you can achieve optimal resource use with the best performing devices, and fewer printers can simplify your printer management, too.


Cyber-attacks are a growing concern for many businesses. Are you certain your networked devices are protected and do not present a security risk?

Connected devices are a blessing for many reasons, but they also open up the possibility of security issues from external forces. Printers can be a weak link in network security, as they often have less protection against hacking than other devices, making them an easy way into your network. This can put confidential data at risk.

With a Zebra printer, you can use the print DNA software with PrintSecure to monitor activity, control access and block unwanted intrusions. You can also get regular firmware updates to protect your company from new threats. Zebra is the smart choice for data protection.


Trade-Up with Zebra

Trade-up from any thermal printer to a brand-new Zebra printer with Zebra’s Printer Trade-Up Program.

You can get a fantastic deal on the new ZT411 and ZT421 Industrial Printers that launched at the end of 2019. They are designed for durable, reliable printing in harsh environments and come with all the latest RFID capabilities as well as Zebra’s Print DNA.

If you are using any of the older versions of the Zebra ZT400 Series, their end-of-service dates have passed, so why not trade them up at a significant discount?

At GSM Barcoding, we stock a wide range of Zebra Printers ideal for a variety of warehouse operations. If you’re looking for a way to print barcode labels or asset labels, contact GSM Barcoding toady.

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